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How to test and demo INCAB

Creating a driver profile...

How do you demo INCAB? Well, you need to be farmiliar with every other part of the system. So to that end this is a guide on adding an order that can be shown in INCAB. Once you can do this confidently, you will have a good understanding of the process through Event.

Lets get started

Login to INCAB smartphone app

You will need to download the app 1st...

1. Please select the correct store below and scan the link to get the app...It is called EXPO Client.


2. Once downloaded, 'Sign in to your account' to EXPO using the below credentials...






3. Once logged in, select the project 'Incab QA' or 'Incab UAT'.

4. You now have the app on your mobile. When you have setup your driver profile in INCAB Desktop in CONNECT, you will log in with that.

5. A job will show in the app once you have added you to the route in CONNECT

Login to DEMO for QA testing


You will need to create a login to INCAB mobile. Open INCAB in CONNECT and create a profile.



Password: Acme2000

This will be you, your name, mobile and a username and password. 

You are using Roadrunner carrier in DEMO account

Tip: to get INCAB mobile, when you have added your driver profile, click bottom left 'Get INCAB app'

You will need to add an order and allocate to the carrier. Do it from here...



Password: Sparhawk101

Use Rivendell, 17plts...

You will need to allocate the route as a carrier to your phone and create login to INCAB mobile...



Password: Acme2000

You are using Roadrunner carrier in DEMO account

You will want to demonstrate INCAB on your mobile.


Username: setup in INCAB in CONNECT

Password: setup in INCAB in CONNECT

Now add as many test orders as you like. You can then add your own address, setup notifications and check INFORM and Track My Delivery.....

Below is the above but in pictures...

How to use INCAB...

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