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How to add a load to ship

How to add a load to ship

How to add a load to ship
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Become a Shipper Part 2

Become a Shipper Part 2

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Create load Overview

Create load Overview

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Creation of a load

Creation of a load

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3T Event

IT Department mission statement

“to provide best in class strategic IT vision, leadership, and enterprise solutions to our clients so they can meet their goals, deliver results, and enhance their company’s position in UK and global markets”


Transport Management Systems have always been extremely complex, expensive, labour intensive and take time to implement. So many companies that would be interested in using a TMS could not justify the cost of use or implementation

But now Transportation Management Systems are becoming less expensive and easier to own enabling companies of any size to join in the game.

As business inherently takes longer to embrace technology we find that when they do they become immersed in it.

We are no longer creating a Transport Management System but instead a complete self sustaining ecosystem, with our applications all sharing a relationship...

symbiote (plural symbiotes)

  1. an organism in a partnership with another such that each profits from their being together; a symbiont

Event is all about speed, ease of use, visibility and more speed…

It’s about removing isolation and creating synergy.

It’s targeted updates and 1-click actions supporting busy operations teams.

It’s about helping, not hindering…removing time, not adding it in.

It’s symbiotic…


So what is 3T Event?

Event is the best way to organise all your logistics applications. It’s a fresh approach to the way you work, the jobs you do every day, yet it’s inherently familiar. And a completely new relationship between work tasks.


It's a platform...A cloud enabled ecosystem.

Designed for hyperscaling, hosted on multi regional cloud services, built on Azure Service fabric, running microservice-based applications.

It's modular, enabling you to add applications as required from the Event store.



                                                       It's an enabler...

Our applications are designed and built to provide a function, digitise a process. They must always increase efficiency and save money.

20 years of experience running operations, building software and designing solutions, in multiple logistics industries has given us a wealth of knowledge and experience...

...and we have used that to build the future.

These applications share information. A tracking application might share data with and from a warehouse dispatch application, from a POD application. A user doesn’t need to change applications or even the screen they are currently on to see a POD from INFORM for example.

Think of Google Now as a concept for a ‘day in the life’ of a logistics process. Make the information you want come to you, you don’t go into each app on your phone looking for it do you!


From an EVENT landing page, a customer can create an account. Now they have your EVENT account, they have a platform ready to be populated. Next step, select the applications you want and the system will do the rest…

The Event Team

designed by humans : built with machines

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