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Everything that's VITAL to you...

Carrier VITALS

Inviting a new carrier

For non-integrated carriers you will need to invite them to CONNECT

This guide shows you how to invite them, then how they sign-up.

Invite a carrier

Carrier integration

We have many existing integrations into Event ready for you already. 

Carrier integration

If we have the one you need in our list, here's how to get integrated in 8 mins... 

Transit days

Calculate a collection or delivery date for an order

If a customer cannot provide the dates required, use transit times to do it for them.

Rate card

Groupage, LTL, FTL, EXW carriers all need a rate card in Event...

Carriers must have a valid rate to be available in Event.

InitialCatalog                  AccountId

WeirDb                           Weir

JCBMiamiDB                 JCBMiami

WEIRVenloDb                WEIRVenlo

JamesWalkerDB            JWalker

JWM                              20181006M1372

JW02                             20181006Q2853

GRK                              20181006Y1147

JW04                             20181006N4766

JW05                             20181006Q1810

WLR                              20181006P0348

JW07                             20181025H3416

Delivery type code             

Groupage = 4                      

FTL = 2

Fuel surcharge

A fuel surcharge calculation set by carrier for a selection of fuel indexes

Select the index, base fuel, agreed % charged against a Route...

The fuel surcharge is currently calculated per Route. When an invoice is approved for upload the the fuel surcharge is calculated and added to the invoice per the configuration.

If the invoice cost is £3000, the fuel is calculated from this cost.

Cost additions are included in the calculation currently. (to be revised Feb 2019 and configurable by cost addition type)

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