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Working for you...

What is The Carrier Store?

The Carrier Store is a platform for carriers to join forces, digitally.

Create digital delivery networks and reduce your admin burden, Events Carrier Store is your all in one application to get working together,...smarter.


The Carrier Store also highlights your quality to customers, carriers and other networks already on the platform by showing them how well you perform and with the added benefit of being able to  add a full bio of your company, abilities, vehicles. preferred lanes etc you encourage new customers to CONNECT with you.

Its a CONNECTed Freight ecosystem...intelligence 

Everything in one place.

Carrier Store Terms

A shipper requires you, as the carrier working for them, to complete specific milestones for the delivery. This includes accepting the job offer, telling them when you have delivered, providing proof of delivery and finally, invoice for the work you have done.

We want to get you to the invoice part as quickly and as easily as possible.... 


Accept the route offer

  • Accept (or reject) a route offered from a customer. This may include:

    • Select a collection time​

    • Allocate to a driver [if using INCAB smartphone tracking


Provide tracking updates

  • Confirm the delivery has been made at the time it is made.

    • Not the end of the day or the next day

    • You can use INCAB to automate this function or our FourKites integration


Proof of delivery

  • Upload a POD when received to prove delivery was made

    • This may be manual upload of a scanned PDF document

    • This maybe automated epod using INCAB smartphone


Invoice for the work completed

  • Accept the cost of the route when delivered and upload a PDF consolidated invoice each week per customer you work for.

    • At the end of each week CONNECT will show you the total cost to invoice

    • You will invoice to match the Event invoice 'agreed' total cost

      • Your PDF must match the pre-agreed cost as they will be validated​

      • PDF Invoices must be renamed as the invoice reference or will be rejected

    • This may include a calculated fuel surcharge

    • You have the ability to add additional costs

These milestones are built into a CONNECT so that all you have to do is complete them in turn for each route you agree to. 

To proceed, close this tab and click 'Create Account' on your invite email

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