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How to use Marketplace

It's not a Freight's a communication platform!

The Carrier Store is a safe, collaborative, virtual community where everyone benifits

What does it do?

The Carrier Store is a safe, governed, collaborative ecosystem, that saves y

  • Communication

  • Reduced administration

  • Create groups of regional networks

  • Tracking , POD and invoice applications included

With Event's Carrier Store you can:

  • Use the MARKETPLACE user ratings for confident carrier selections

    • Vetting​

    • Credit checks

  • Add work you want help covering

  • Use Event Marketplace to create trusted networks for regions 

  • Take work that can help your network

  • Get invited to Event tenders

  • Use your Store front to promote your company to Event customers and other networks

  • Get discounts for the more work you add

  • User INCAB smartphone app for free to increase your offerering

  • Tiered service for supporting / administration work

    • Administration savings for your business

    • Full and included track and trace, POD and invoing functions

    • Cheaper service 

  • Layover costs covered by owner of the load

    • Incase of cancelled load​

How does The Carrier Store work?

The Carrier Store is an ecosystem comprised of multiple products and its the interaction between these that create the ability for the store to function.




The Carrier Store

The carrier store is an ecosystem, comprised of different components to create a valued place to trade.
The carriers that work within it will all be rated for the work they do, the services they offer and the quality of the information in their store. This means trusted carriers, that are frequent users in Event and that are signed upto and adhere to the Stores rules and regulations and will be required to sign up to use it.
A carrier can join up to The Carrier Store for free. There will be no subscription service.

Joined through

A carrier can join The Carrier Store through It includes a landing page to explain the benifits and validation process for base information

Joined through a customer

A carrier can be invited to join by an Account and will receive immediate access to The Carrier Store. 


CONNECT is a carriers direct access into The Carrier Store. From here they can view and control how they interact with the Marketplace. They are also able to manage Account tendered work from the same place.


MY CARRIERS is the store front for carriers in the Event ecosystem. It is where a carrier can promote themselves and be accessable to customers that use Event. Carriers are required to follow the 3T terms and conditions and become vetted, trusted carrier in the ecosystem.
Customers can use MY CARRIERS to add, find or replace carriers they want to use by assessing the quality of their offering.


MARKETPLACE is the where routes are bought and sold. Carriers can add routes they want help with covering and they can take routes that they want.
All routes will need to be actioned through INCAB to provide track and trace and smart contracts for payment.
Market place can also be a knowledge and 3rd party apps store, where carriers can get Event, INCAB, information on delivery points or offers for discounts on products.


These are the current customers on Event that have an Account. It will also include adhoc customers that will be able to add orders through a dedicated web portal and get a selection of options they can choose from.
These could be different carriers offering to do the job, or Event optimisation offering from the network.
Customers can also bypass MY CARRIERS and simply work through the Marketplace.

Customer interaction with The Carrier Store

Customers will use MY CARRIERS to connect or invite carriers to their account. Work from these customers can also be allocated indirectly or directly to the marketplace.
Event customers can use the benifits of the MARKETPLACE to get more competative rates, rather than using the tender approach for all or part of there deliveries

Account carriers

A carrier that has succesfully tendered for an Account, will get an automatic connection to CONNECT. This carrier is then added to the Accounts 'preferred carrier list'. As routes are offered they will be added to CONNECT.
This carrier will by default, get access to MARKETPLACE and all it offers.
These carriers will be given a specific amount of time to accept a route and this will show in CONNECT. If they sit on it, AMI will move the route to the next available carrier or into MARKETPLACE


A carrier that adds work to MARKETPLACE will be charged upto 1% of the freight cost they accept, for example, a carrier uploads 1 route to MARKETPLACE. It is sold for £450. The cost to use MARKETPLACE was £4.50. If the carrier uploads more that 10 routes for the same day the rate will be reduced for bulk.

Carriers from MARKETPLACE

A carrier can also take work from MARKETPLACE in the same way as they add it.

ADHOC Event users

A customer does not have to have to be a full customer of Event. They will be able to join MARKETPLACE at any time, create an account and use a web portal that will allow them to add adhoc orders directly to MARKETPLACE.
This jobs will then become visible to all users of MARKETPLACE, carriers and Event customers.
Users of MARKETPLACE are the same, carriers or customers and will be charged in the same way.


Any work add to MARKETPLACE is available to all MARKETPLACE users no matter and so that means that Event customers can use this work.
AMI will optimise individual accounts, then look for other work from MARKETPLACE to fill gaps if possible. This could be groupage from another Event Account cutomer or part loads added by ADHOC or carriers for example.



Its not just the carriers and adhoc customers that will use MARKETPLACE, it is also the main Event customers.
MARKETPLACE will be governed by strict rules around product types, expectations around using INCAB for all MARKETPLACE work in order to create smart contracts and decisions on when to reduce price, individually market the route or change the date.
AMI will determine work to place on MARKETPLACE and how to update the terms of the work


The Event Team

designed by humans : built with machines

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