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The Carrier Store

The Event Carrier Store

Keeping it simple's a digital ecosystem, a communication universe for shippers and carriers to get it on...

How does it work?

It's a secure trusted pool of carriers for shippers,connecting and communicating...

What does it do?

The Carrier Store is a safe, collaborative, virtual community where everyone benefits because the loads you have that don't fit your profile will fit others. So find the right partners and let the system do the rest.

The Carrier Store is a safe, governed, collaborative ecosystem and it's the 1st of it's kind that actually works!

The loads added to the store are from quality shippers looking for quality carriers. How do we ensure that? Because we didnt create another 'ebay' exchange but a secure, social network of like minded companies managed by a central control - Event itself.

  • Credit checked on sign up and every 6 months after

  • Full payment control with platform deactivation for non-payment

  • Requirement for 5 main documents to be visible and confirmed

  • Live KPI score and Event rating

  • Spot audits by Events Carrier Management team

You need to be invited, its a club not a freight exchange!

What does the club offer?


If you can find a sponsor and pass the above validation, on invite you can expect:

  • Communication with multiple carrier groups and networks

  • Find good work from the groups you join or add work you want help covering

  • Reduced administration

    • INCAB smartphone app is free to use for tracking and epod​

    • Invoicing and payment terms built in

    • Managed payment process

  • Create groups or regional networks made up of partners you trust to work with by becoming a shipper

  • Get introduced to new networks (dependant on how good you make yourself look!)

  • Receive tiered subscription discounts for the amount of work you add

  • Get noticed by customers through your Event Store Front, your own advertisment on Event (see case studies from other carriers below)

  • Layover costs covered by owner of the load

    • Incase of cancelled load​

  • Trouble if you dont follow the clubs rules as they are there for the benefit of all and the only way to make collaborative working a reality

Whats expected?













Receive load offers from shippers

Use the included INCAB mobile app to provide the shipper LIVE tracking and ePOD

This is the proof you delivered and therefore can invoice. INCAB will do this for you

Invoice weekly all the loads you deliver to each shipper

Get paid from the shipper that your worked for in the agreed payment terms

Use your profile to promote yourself to more shippers


1. What makes The Carrier Store safe for shippers?

The Carrier Store is a club, you have to be invited to join, there is no way to just join. We then put you through a credit check every 6 months and require specific information. If you break the Terms of Service you will be immediately deactivated for the good of the Store.

2. I expect there is a membership fee and ongoing cost to use it?

There is a nominal cost for setup once in and a small cost for use that enables us to manage the platform based on the amount of work you do

3. What makes you different to a Freight Exchange?

There is no way to search for loads. The only way to get loads is by being invited to a group or groups where you are a benefit to that group through adding loads for covering them for others. So creating a trusted, digital 'flexi-fleet' for all in the group. 

4. Can you help me make the contacts if i have the loads or am looking for loads?

As part of the Carrier Store is already our own network, we can help with the best fit carriers, all the introductions, the setup and even the ongoing expansion of your own network within ours.

You need to be in it to win with it..!

Find out how you can benefit from using the Carrier Store...

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Carrier Connect introduction video
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