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Co to jest POŁĄCZ...?

Pracuję dla Ciebie...

CONNECT to platforma dla przewoźników do uzyskiwania tras. 

Od odbioru po fakturę, CONNECT to Twoja wszystko w jednej aplikacji, aby pracować mądrzej.


CONNECT podkreśla również Twoją jakość klientom na platformie, pokazując im Twoją zdolność do dostarczania i z dodatkową korzyścią, jaką jest możliwość  dodaj pełną biografię swojej firmy, umiejętności, pojazdów. preferowane pasy itp. zachęcasz nowych klientów do ŁĄCZENIA się z Tobą.

To ekosystem CONNECTed Freight...

Wszystko w jednym miejscu.

Sklep przewoźnika

To nie jest giełda transportowa... to sklep!

Carrier Store to bezpieczna, oparta na współpracy, wirtualna społeczność, w której wszyscy odnoszą korzyści

Moi przewoźnicy, co to robi?

Carrier Store to bezpieczny, zarządzany ekosystem oparty na współpracy, w którym 

  • Credit checked on sign up and every 6 months after

  • Full payment control with platform deactivation for non-payment

  • Requirement for 5 main documents to be visible and confirmed

  • Live KPI score and Event rating

  • Spot audits by Events Carrier Management team

The difference with Events Marketplace is that it's a part of Events overall 4pl and software offering.
It is not a seperate product or company but the very core of what 3T Event offers its customers and therefore managed and governed in the same way. 


You need to be invited, its a club not a freight exchange!

What does the club offer?

If you can find a sponsor to invite you and you pass the above validation you can expect:

  • Communication with multiple carrier groups and networks

  • Find good work or add work you want help covering

  • Reduced administration

    • INCAB smartphone app is freeto usefor tracking and epod​

    • Invoicing and payment terms built in

    • Managed payment process

  • Create groups or regional networks made up of partners you trust to work with

  • Get introduced to new networks (dependant on how good you make yourself look!)

  • Receive tiered subscription discounts for the amount of work you add

  • Get noticed by customers through your Event Store Front, your own advertisment on Event (see case studies from other carriers below)

  • Layover costs covered by owner of the load

    • Incase of cancelled load​

  • Trouble if you dont follow the clubs rules as they are there for the benefit of all and the only way to make collaborative working a reality

You need to be in it to win with it..!

Find out you can benefit from using the Carrier Store...

Carrier Store.png

Start shipping...

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