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AutoRoute - phase1

Updated: May 19, 2023

ROUTE is getting an upgrade.

AutoRoute consolidation.

This is the 1st part in our optimisation program and it will provide automated consolidation through Groupage upto creating an overflow once the largest available euipment has been filled to capacity.

How does it work?

As orderlines are received, they get consolidated by the Account rules set. Initially these will route on groupage if they are small enough.

As the Stop consolidation increases, AutoRoute checks the cost of the groupage Stop against the next available equipment type.

At that threshold, cost, AutoRoute will replan the Stop onto the next best available equipment and from then on based on size.

Example for account with multiple equipment types available:

  1. 1plt - Groupage

  2. 2plt - Groupage

  3. >£ or >31m3 - 7.5t

  4. >46m3 - 18t

  5. >46m3 - 13.6 Artic

To use AutoRoute consolidation:

  • Groupage availability must = OFF (so groupage is the primary selection)


How is this upgrade aimed at?

Accounbts using groupage that want to have orders consolidate and move by themselves to the best option equipment, rather than manually creating Groupage vehicles and manually replanning ar Stops exceed capacity

How does it work with availability?

It will select the next best equipment that is available

How does it work when availability is not used?

It will select the next best cost equipment option in Account Carriers

What if i have no Groupage?

It will consolidate 1st on the best equipment option

What happens with overflow if an artic is full?

Currently the last received orderline will overflow and create a route for its size, i.e groupage is cost effecient and start the consolidation process again, or another artic if no other options are available.

AutoRoute consolidation will be released on the 21st May.

This is a configuration, to activate please contact Knowledge Center.

For any questions please speak to the Knowledge Center who can take you through a demo and training / setup

Event Team

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