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Event 2.0 - User Management

Making Event better

Continuing the series on highlighing improvements in Event 2.0, I thought I would post about the improvements to User Permissions and Management.

User management in Event 2.0 will allow the SuperUsers on an Account, complete control over the users associated.

For example: a user can have a StdDOCK user type with only view and edit permissions for Account A but for Account B they have AdvUser user type with ROUTE, DOCK and CREATE ORDER but only 3 permissions in ROUTE config, no permissions in DOCK and all configurations for CREATE ORDER.

In Event 1.0, user permissions were restricted to SuperUser and StandardUser, with a user having no access to configurations.

You can only have 1 SuperUser per Account.

There is currently no user interface for User Management.

User Management Summary

Below is the User Management summary view, where SuperUsers can view all users associated to the Accounts they manage.

They can:

  1. Add new users

  2. Edit existing users

  3. View existing users permissions

  4. Restrict a user

  5. Delete a user

  6. Add / edit user types

A new Account will be created by a SuperUser, who can then create a permissions function.

Event 2.0 User Management will have a set of basic, default user types and permissions that can be used, edited or deleted.

This includes inviting additional SuperUsers.

Manage User Types

A SuperUser will be able to create new User types or edit existing ones as these are Account specific.

There will be default User types but a Super can create additional ones.

New Users

Creating a new user is simple. Again you can invite multiple users to the same User Type and associated permission and change them individually once the invite is accepted.

User Types

A SuperUser can create and manage different user types.

Create new, edit current.

A User Type can be added to a user and the users own permissions for this User Type can be managed at the user level.

New users

You can view a users details and permissions per Account.

and edit them at the user level to customise their access.

Live demonstrations and detailed user training will be provided at a later date.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions but related to this post just reach out.


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