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It's availability, but not as you currently know it!

Carrier optimisation upgrade

Carrier availability, down to postcode level for multiple postcodes and multiple trucks

Why do we need it?

Optimised carrier selection using availability has always been by region by number of trucks

Now it can be configured to be by multiple postcode by number of trucks as a carrier can have 10 trucks to cover postcodes CV, NN, LE and NG.

How to configure?

There is a new update to the user interface for adding availability and in the logic to allow the selection of multiple postcodes for a fixed number of trucks.

Adding carrier availability

  1. Add through Carrier VITALS

  2. Add from a source to single or multiple postcode stubs

  3. For the total number of available truck types

Using carrier availability

  1. A carrier will be auto selected if it is available for a postcode

  2. The available trucks will update in Change Carrier to show remaining

  3. If 2 carriers compete the cheapest cost will be included

  4. When all available trucks are used the next best option will be used (image 4)

Priority carrier can still be used in situations where x2 carriers have the same cost for a route.

Any questions or if you require a demonstration please contact:

The Event Team

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