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Label purge

Parcel traffic automation for undispatched orders


Running a warehouse with hundreds of parcels?

Need an automated process to redate all the parcels that you don't manage to send today? 

The Purge is a function that removes orders not dispatched and redtaes them to the next day.
It uses a schedule to determine the days to purge, the times in that day to purge and the criteria to purge

  • The purge is set by carrier

  • You can select the days when the purge is active and the days to skip

  • Create a purge schedule to trigger the 3 times in the day the purge for a carrier can run 

  • Decide the rule for triggering the purge to run

    • If no label was printed​

    • If no despatch file was received

  • Activate auto publish when the purge schedule has run

Ready to activate? Make sure all the requirements have been met...

  • You know the carriers to set up

  • You have the correct dispatch times for that carrier

  • Make sure you know the rule to select 

  • Decide if you want to auto publish the route to create new routes for new orders.

Implementing Purge and Despatch Schedules

This guide will step through getting started with how to activate the purge and create despatch schedules by carrier

Now it's active, how do i use it?

Once activated, Purge will be an automatic process, requiring no user input...

  • Label your parcels as normal

  • When a purge schedule activates, the route will update

    • Remove all parcels that met the selected rule (i.e. no despatch message)​

    • Replan automaticlly onto the next selected day

  • The route will be automatically set to Publish

  • Any edi will be triggered

  • Depending on the schedule set a new route will be created for new orders

    • Starting from point 1 again​

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