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Route number

Reference back to the Route you are viewing

Action buttons

Re-sequence screen, configuration, close screen, help!

Origin point

Starting point of the Route

Change carrier

Select to open the MOVE menu options for this Stop

Add new Stop

Opens Unallocated Stops, just select one to add to this Route... 

Route sequence

Shows all the stops on the Route. Click one to open Process Order screen.

If labelling, stops will show as:

white = not labelled

yellow = labelled

green = despatched


Current carrier

Select a different carrier for the Route. Not available for Parcel carriers due to service levels.

Label printing

Print ALL at once as well as consolidated labels


Despatch ALL Stops manually 

Kontrolle stoppen...

Wie verschiebe ich einen HALT von einer ROUTE...?

Better than current

Where Event finds consolidation, we give you the opportunity to select a better delivery option, if one is available.

Parcel consolidation

The results grid will show you if there are consolidation opportunities. If there are, we will take care of it for you.

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