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Event TMS unlocks the full potential of your supply chain visibility and control

La gamme de produits événementiels

Sélectionnez un produit qui vous intéresse dans notre gamme de produits...

Commencez à créer votre plateforme d'événement en sélectionnant Créer une commande ou DOCK ci-dessous. 2 des produits les plus courants, puis ajoutez-en d'autres....

How to get started today..

  1. Watch the short video to help you get Event (3 mins)

  2. Start with the 1st product in Event Lite, number 1 below

  3. Click on the blue button

  4. Follow the instructions

  5. Then number 2, number 3....until you have all 4 products

  6. Add a load

Ready? Lets start with being able to add loads...



Required so it can be set to be ignored unless DOCK is required to be used


*Once added, please set BYPASS DOCK ALLOCATION IN CONNECT' in Route to 'ON'

[Add 1 bay, 1 slot in DOCK setup as it will be bypassed]


Gestion de données

Create Order Home tile.png

Manual entry of loads

*You will need to create an Account when you add Create Order


Exécution de la commande 


Routing and scheduling

Tracking deliveries


Central control and visibility of all your deliveries


POD, costs and invoice control


Cost control, POD management and invoice



...if your HOME page looks like this, welcome to Event!

Carrier Store1.png

So whats next?

So you know have an Event account and are ready to start shipping.

The Event Lite knowledge center has the guides to help you quickly get up and running

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