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Have you tried the Event demo?

*CONNECT is provided free to all carriers invited to use the Event platform 


'An application for carriers to gain visibility and effectively manage their admin for your Account'

As a carrier you have a requirement to provide specific information to the Account you are working for. Stay CONNECTED to these requirements in real time to the Accounts you work on.

CONNECT Assist will tell you what action needs to be taken and when all in the same web application.

CONNECT includes the following functions:

  • A list of LIVE routes with their status against each requirement (Plan accepted, tracking, POD, Invoice)

  • A Dashboard assistant to mange 'what's currently outstanding'

  • Real time KPI's to drive process

  • POD required and upload of multiple POD's through the CONNECT POD application

  • Invoice status, ability to add cost adjustments, upload POD's 

  • Route offer notification and allocation directly to DOCK

  • LIVE status of your trailers in each customers DOCK

*Any Account using DOCK and or ROUTE, when they invite a carrier the carrier will be automatically provided with CONNECT

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