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Event for all Shippers

The Event Lite TMS

Keeping it simple for Shippers's a digital ecosystem, a communication universe for shippers and carriers to get it on...

How does it work?

Our Digital Logistics Platform revolutionises the transportation sector by providing shippers and carriers with immediate access to our comprehensive logistics network and services. This innovative platform seamlessly bridges the gap from port to doorstep, empowering users at every step of the journey

What does it do?

It is powered at its heart by 'The Carrier Store', a safe, managed, collaborative club of trusted carriers, where everyone benefits because the loads you have that you can't cover will fit the profile of others. So find the right partners and let the system do the rest.

Event Lite is our entry level TMS but dont be mistaken, entry dosent mean basic. It automatically configures itself for the majority but provides intelligence at a strategic and tactical level so you can take advance of ever changing market conditions for optimizing your carrier networks.



Create orders from shipment to load level











Manual and automated carrier allocation

Full digitisation providing visibility and control

Full control of freight costs and invoicing

Get Insights from your data to drive continous improvement

Intelligent Insights reporting to drive supply chain efficiencies

Continous strategic and tactical optimisation of your transport network

The difference with Events Marketplace is that it's a part of Events overall 4pl and software offering.

  • Create your own carrier network 

  • Add shipments or loads maually or by CSV upload

  • Fully automated carrier allocation

    • Manual carrier allocation​ - rate cards

    • Automated carrier allocation - rate cards

    • Group Send allocation defined by preferred groups

    • Marketplace allocation by region and performance

  • Create groups or regional networks made up of carriers you trust to work with

  • Tracking

  • POD

  • Invoice control

  • Insights reporting and analysis

What does the club offer?


1. What makes The Carrier Store safe for shippers?

The Carrier Store is a club, a carrier has to be invited to join, there is no way to just join. We put each carrier through a credit check every 6 months and require specific information. We dont allow any carrier in and any not following the Terms of Service are immediately deactivated for the good of the Store

2. I expect there is a membership fee and ongoing cost to use it?

There is a nominal cost for setup once in and a small cost for use that enables us to manage the platform

3. What makes you different to a Freight Exchange?

The Carrier Store is a digital extenstion to your own fleet. Its about creating trusted groups (a sateliite fleet) that gives you the ability to 'flex', taking on more work when times are good and pushing through your network and taking work out of it when times are not so good or you are just looking for a regular backloads for new work.

3. How do i find the good carriers in the Carrier Store?

All carriers in the Carrier Store are good. They all have to pass stringent checks to get be included. Some carriers are 'Verified' by us which means they have exceeded certain additioanl standards. The Event Rating provides our recommendation, over 80 is recommended carrier.

4. Can you help me make the contacts if i have the loads?

As part of the Carrier Store is already our own network, we can help with the best fit carriers, all the introductions, the setup and even the ongoing expansion of your own network within ours.

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Don't stay the same sameness...

Speak to one of our experts to find out how quickly and easily you can benefit from Event Lite 

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