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Export File Self Serve

A Export file is a output of data from Event

It is an automatic creation of Route information 'pushed' to you.

You define what data, from which carriers, when and where to receive it...

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Export files are a fixed data set that can be triggered from different actions in Event to send you data at defined points in your operational process.

That may be at the point of planning, despatch, invoicing...


*Some IT assistance will be required for the file destination information

To use the Export file service you will need a valid ftp, username and password

Event will create an automatic file name in the format:      [AccountID]_Transportfile[type]_Datetimestamp

Event will push the file to your chosen ftp each time a label is requested.

We only provide a push service.

If you have additional requirements such as sftp or a pull service, please contact

How to activate a Transport file

To activate a Transport file you simply subscribe to it in its Event configuration.

The act of subscribing will activate the creation and send of the data output.  

In the configuration, you will need to take the following action:

  • Select the Transport file you want to receive

  • Add ftp address, username and password

  • The file name has a pre-defined file name 

  • Select the carriers that you want a Transport file for

  • Activate...

Types of Transport file available

  • At the point for despatch

This file is triggered when a user requests a label. It can be a carrier label, DPD / DHL for example or a 3T Event pallet label for non integrated carriers.

The transport file will be created including order data but also tracking ID, service level and cost.

Select the format to receive, a summary and detail file types. We provide additional detail on order detail and service levels in the detail view.

Transport file - summary

Transport file - detail

  • At the point for invoice approval


Are you ready to activate? 

How to activate a Transport file

As an Account user

This guide will step through getting started with notifications

Event has a full 'in application' notification service, with on screen popups, counter and viewer.

Everytime you receive a notification we will make sure you see it!

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