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Real time customer visibility of their deliveries...

INFORM is simply about accurate delivery information and information is power. Power to make decisions to improve a customers experience... 

INFORM can be automatically given to your customers to view just their deliveries, used as a central control to manage exceptions across your whole delivery profile or both. Brand it and give the power to your customer while using INFORM Assist to update you with exceptions...

INFORM includes the following functions:

  • *Automatic connection to your parcel carriers. Add INFORM to your Event platform and it will automatically connect to your parcel carriers and provide tracking updates.

  • Ability to connect to any carrier that provides tracking information.

  • A clean user interface displaying real time information of deliveries

  • Provide your customers with access to follow their deliveries

  • Personalised branding where you are allowing your customers access to INFORM

  • INFORM Assist provides automatic notifications to your customers when their orders are out for delivery

  • Exception information where deliveries are running late.

  • Ability to 'follow' a specific priority delivery.

  • Automatic invite for all your delivery locations to Event and the free installation and use of INFORM

  • Email and Event notification of tracking ID's on the despatch of each delivery

* The Account must already be using ROUTE and have implemented Parcel Carriers through Route.

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