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LIVE operational and KPI reporting

INSIGHTS can be accessed from the quick link in Events Dashboard.
It provides a set ot comprehensive operational and KPI reports that can be used to manage your accounts performance.



What can i do in INSIGHTS?

INSIGHTS provides the ability to run and view excel reporting. Each report provides information from different parts of the Event process.
It also includes:


1. View reports using the report parameters
2. Hide reports that you don't need to keep your Dashboard specific to you
3. Run automated report sends to users

What can i do in INSIGHTS

An account will be given a default currency based on their Account country

This can be viewed or changed in the Account VITALS configuration

How to Hide a report

How to automate a report

How do I add new reports?

New reports are added as requested by users, that includes you...
Any new reports added will be immediately available to you

The Event Team

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