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ROUTE map functionality

VIEWroute is the mapping application for ROUTE

View routes and Stops on a map, draw in 'avoid areas'

All using LIVE traffic updates and equipment types to make sure the correct route is calculated

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VIEWroute provides the visibility for Route, showing the calculated route, stops, distance, time and detail.

It also enables users to add 'avoid areas' for a day

Route map.png

VIEWroute will automatically calculate the best route taking into account the equipment type restrictions, avoid areas, LIVE traffic.

It will use the sequence in STOPcontrol to build the route. Re-sequence the Stops and the map will recalculated...

  • Only FTL / FLEET delivery type routes will show mapping information

Map interaction

The Event ROUTE map has the following features

  • Pan and zoom controls

      Scroll with the mouse wheel to zoom in and out. ​Click and drag to pan around

  • Route travel detail

      Distance between Stops with traffic and estimated times based on equipment types

      Distance and estimated time for the complete route based on traffic and equipment types

  • Stop detail

      Includes address, collection / delivery date, booking windows, on-site time​

  • Truck size and weight

       We use the truck type on the route, look up the detail from Carrier VITALS and use             this to calculate the route 

  • Vehicle weight

  • Vehicle axel weight

  • Vehicle length

  • Vehicle width

  • Vehicle height

  • Traffic information

      LIVE traffic information is included in the estimated travel time​

  • Single and multiple route visibility

       To view map, click the tick box on the route ID column in ROUTEcontrol. Select more         than one to view multiple routes.​

multi route.png

VIEWroute map functionality

What it is and how to use it...

This guide will step through the functions available on the map

Avoid areas

During the routing process it is possible to use the drawing function to draw areas on the map that need to be avoided.

Avoid areas are added per account, per day. If you add an avoid area to a route for a specific date, it will be active for any route on that day. Avoid is not per route.

  • Known roadworks

  • Known areas of delay, for example events, closed roads

  • Specific constraints

Drawing tools.PNG

Click to blue to draw on the map, click to white to deactivate the draw

Click to remove the drawn area. Use the draw tool to try again or....

...the save button to save the delete.

*This function still includes live traffic and vehicle type restrictions

As we are using LIVE traffic, this function means as a planner you can show 'current problem' areas. This means that optimiser will avoid the area, so more accurate routing and routes pushed to the smartphone tracking application are correct and providing the carrier with the best information currently available.

Sending a driver purposely into a known, daily 1 hr delay set of roadworks would not be kind and would definitely mean a failed delivery!

Areas to avoid

How to add avoid areas in Event mapping

This guide will step through adding / editing / deleting avoid areas when planning routes

Hints and tips...

To view a map without opening Stop Control, just click in the check box next to the route in the Route Grid.

To view multiple routes on the map together without opening Stop Control, just click in the check box next to the routes in the Route Grid.

The Event Team

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