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reCONNECT is provided free to all owners of an Event Account. 

You will need a ROUTE subscription to use it.


reCONNECT: managing what matters most to you

From POD to invoice control, reCONNECT makes sure you are connected 

We've created an application that keeps you connected to POD and Invoice status, provides real time visibility to enable reactive customer service and an information flow that make's you aware of possible situations before they become problems.

reCONNECT iincludes the following functions:

  • A Dashboard to mange the administration of POD and Invoice controls

  • Real time KPI's to drive process

  • POD request and view functions, partial delivery notification for invoice amendment

  • Invoice control, additional cost management, invoice approval 

  • POD configuration for payment by POD

  • Invoice configuration for auto approve costs, invoice additional cost only

* Any Account with the ROUTE application can invite users to receive reCONNECT

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