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On / Off

Decide when to turn the calculation on

Collection or Delivery 

Select the date to calculate

Add New

Click on the '+' to add a new entry

Edit an entry

Click on the row to edit an entry

Label printing

Print ALL at once as well as consolidated labels

Adding Transit days

Customers do not always provide delivery or collection dates.

Each carrier will have their own transit days. Add them and Event will calculate when the Route is allocated a carrier

Manual update


The order is leaving from this place


Select the correct mode for the calculation. Default in LAND

Postcode (Origin / Destination)

This can be 'ALL' postcodes [type ALL] or a specific postcode stub [CV or CV22]


Search for a specific source. Type in the name and click find


Add the number of days

Sameday = 0

Next day = 1...

Label printing

Print ALL at once as well as consolidated labels

How to add Transit days manually

Calculate a delivery date or a collection date

By carrier, for a postcode, country, location...

Import file update

This process enables a user to import transit times through an import file.

Transit time import file - COLLECTION

Transit time import file - DELIVERY

COMPLETED Transit time import file - COLLECTION

Complete yellow highlight columns only

How to import a Transit file

By carrier


Transit time of 1 = same day  (21st collection, 21st delivery)

Transit time of 2 = next day  (21st collection, 22nd delivery)

When adding postcode / area codes for destinations / collections we will select the correct transit days based on the below format priority where there are multiple similar enteries:

1. Full code (CV33 7YH)

2. Part stub (CV33)

3. Stub (CV)

Example1: CV33 6YH would use CV33.

Example2: CV32 would use CV

Example3: 72 (for Germany)

* When creating a Transit days template to import, please make sure you selec tthe correct one for generating DELIVERY date or COLLECTION date.

Once updated make sure you have selected the correct onw when activating Transit Days in the Transit Days screen in Event Vitals

What happens if i miss a transit day?

Using Transit days means that you need to add a transit day for every destination you deliver to.

If you do not have a transit day for a delivery point, the order will unallocate

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