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What is CONNECT...?

What is CONNECT?

CONNECT is a platform for carriers to get routes. 

From collection to invoice, CONNECT is your all in one application to get work, smarter.

Work is offered from 3t's many customers and you can accept with our  instant confirmed booking service


CONNECT also highlights your quality to customers on the platform by showing them your ability to deliver and with the added benefit of being able to  add a full bio of your company, abilities, vehicles. preferred lanes etc you encourage new customers to CONNECT with you.

Its a CONNECTed Freight ecosystem...


Everything in one place.

Intelligent load offer service based on your past Event history, profile and current requirements. Haggle free rates, instant POD and guaranteed payment.

Get Connected to more work that works for you...

Available now...



Getting started with CONNECT.

If you are already a carrier working with 3t, you will receive an invite to join.

If you would like more information on connecting, please connect our Carrier Manager


How do i get the best out of CONNECT...


How do you get CONNECT

Your guide to signing up...

Do you want to know more?

but ok, i have now been invited again to a different Account

What do i do?

Can i add a new user to my CONNECT account?

What do i do?

DOCK Bookings

How to make a DOCK booking

Need to add a booking to a customers DOCK?

Look no further...

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