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Direct-to-Print Labelling

The no-hands, web based label solution for fully integrated customers...

Are you looking to print parcel labels directly from packing the item?

No manual searching or scanning for the HU in Event, just pack and print? 

The Direct-to-Print application uses the Label Station ID added to the Packing message to trigger the print of the label you have just packed.

  • The application is a windows application

  • It needs to be downloaded onto each Label Station PC

  • Each PC must have a default printer setup

  • Each Label Station must be given a unique name to differentiate it

  • You will need to add this unique Label Station ID to the PACK message you create

  • On receipt of the PACK message, Event will process the request automatically and output the correct label for exactly the PACK sent.

  • Expected performance is approx. 10 seconds per label*

note: Direct-to-Print works only per PACK message, it does not allow for consolidation as it creates per HU reference.

Ready to activate? Make sure all the requirements have been met...

Implementing Direct-to-Print

How to start direct label printing

This guide will step through getting started with hands free label generation

Now it's active, how do i use it?

Once downloaded, the application will need to be opened each time the PC is switched on by the user.

  • PIN the application fro the Start menu to the Task Bar to make it easier to access.

  • Click on it to start it and minimise it again

  • Start packing and labels will print on the PC default printer

  • There is no need to open Event as the application works without it physically open.


Requirements to use Direct-to-Print

Support process

  • At any point, when the application cannot connect and 'stops listening for labels' we will automatically generate a support ticket to the 3T Service Desk and your Admin account email address.

  • This will be considered a Priority support ticket and acted on with immediate effect.

  • Where a label cannot be returned, an error label will be produced to advise you of the issue

  • If a label has a hazardous code associated we will generate an additional label to advise of this.

* Label generation speed is approximate and based on the quality of your internet connection. Tested as below:

Download speed

73.92 Mbps

Upload speed

86.70 Mbps

Response time

10 ms

The Event Team

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