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Fuel surcharge

How it works and what it costs

Fuel surcharge programs are widely used in truck transportation, from parcel to full truckload

This is the Event calculation and how to activate it...

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A fuel surcharge is an extra fee charged by haulage companies (or third parties) to cover the fluctuating cost of fuel. It is calculated as a percentage of base rate and is usually added to a shipper's freight bill to cover the cost of operations.

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The Fuel surcharge configuration in Event

Types of Fuel Surcharge

1. UK fuel index (Portlands / Platts / EU)

2. US fuel index (EIA US)

The Event fuel calculation

The fuel calculation



A- Calculate base fuel rate with haulier

B- Agree surcharge fuel % with haulier

C- Get current fuel price from the haulier preferred fuel index


Invoice cost = £1500

A- 0.900

B- 33.33%

C- 0.9412


Fuel surcharge % = 1.526%

Fuel surcharge for Invoice (1.526% of 1500) = £22.89

The Event fuel options

To activate fuel surcharge, you need to add the following information and make the following choices.

The Fuel wizard will guide you through the process...

  • Select the correct fuel index to get the starting fuel price

       Select the index to use from the dropdown list. The Event primary index is 'PLATTS'​

  • Confirm the correct baseline cost

       This will be set to the current fuel cost when 1st activated.​

       It is an editable field and so can be updated as required

  • Add the agreed fuel surcharge %

       This is added as a percentage based on 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 .

       Each fuel price % variance allows a rate % variance.

       Example: 33.33%, 25%

  • Rounding to nearest

       Select to round up or down to the nearest decimal.​

       You can select to round to the nearest whole number. For example rounding down 2.98% = 2%

  • Rounding

       Select to round to the nearest decimal.​

       You can select to round to the selected decimal places 

  • Truncating

       Select to remove all the digits after your chosen number of places​

       For example, 3.14159265... can be truncated to 3.1415. Note: If 3.14159265...were rounded to the               same decimal place, the approximation would be 3.1416.

  • Allow negative fuel surcharge

       Fuel surcharge is not always a positive number. In periods of low fuel cost, a surcharge can mean a             route rate is reduced​.

       This function will show a negative fuel surcharge as zero.

  • Activate fuel surcharge

       Switch it on or off.​

       Fuel is calculated per invoice, at 01:00 Sunday morning. At this point we make the calculation.

Activating Fuel Surcharge

Activating fuel surcharge

What it is and how to use it...

This guide will step through setting up a fuel surcharge for a carrier

When is fuel updated

When is fuel updated?
  1. Calculated on a weekly invoice for the complete invoice cost at 01:00 Sunday

  2. Does not include VAT

  3. Includes additional costs

De-activating or editing a carriers fuel surcharge during a week will not have a negative effect as the process will look for the agreed rules only at 01:00 on Sunday morning

EU Fuel Surcharge

This fuel surcharge is only visible for accounts that are EU countries

How it works in CONNECT



How carriers see fuel surcharge...

  • The fuel cost

       We show the fuel surcharge cost on the invoice so you can see the breakdown.                 Rollover over the fuel cost line to see the breakdown


How and where to find fuel

This guide will step through how fuel is added to an invoice and how to check it

If an invoice is ready for upload, a fuel surcharge will be calculated. If the invoice is not uploaded and the fuel surcharge is changed, overnight the next index will be used and the invoice re-costed.

US Fuel

US Fuel Surcharge

We use the EIA US fuel surcharge

How does this fuel surcharge work?

  1. The fuel index is updated and stored every Monday.

  2. The carrier is activated for the fuel

  3. A template is created and upload by the user for a rate per mile based on the current fuel indes cost.

  4. The new fuel index cost can de configured as to when it can be used and between what period of time 

The fuel surcharge table.

This table allows the user to dictate the correct price per mile to use in the calculation based on the EIA index price

Fuel Surcharge table



    1. This is the range from

    2. Can be to 3 decimal places


    1. This is the range to

    2. Can be to 3 decimal places


    1. This is the if KMS or Miles


    1. This is cost related to the range in points 1 and 2

    2. Can be to 2 decimal points i.e. 0.98


    1. the currancy

    2. Must be ISO currency USD / CAD


    1. This is the day when the fuel cost will be used from

    2. This will be a day of the week in format MON, MONDAY


    1. This is the day when the fuel cost will be used to

    2. This will be a day of the week in format MON, MONDAY


    1. This is the number of days from the receipts of the fuel to its use

    2. For example in this case received on Monday used 10 days later on WED until the next TUES

The calculation.

The fuel file upload shows the range of fuel and for that range the cost per mile.

For example:
if the current fuel surchange from EIA is $1.56, then lookup the range $1.55 - $1.599
The associated price per mile = $0.08.

Route total mileage = 100 miles
Fuel surchange for route = 100 x $0.08

The calculation is done on the route and the routes are summed together.

The calculation period.

The fuel index is downloaded from EIA each Monday.

The customer needs to select when to use this new index price. 

For example: Calculation runs fro Wednesday to Wednesday. User can set this in the Fuel Surcharge table import file to dicate the day to start using and the number of days from when fuel index is downloaded

The customer needs to select when to use this new index price. So, on Wednesday, 10 days delay after fuel surcharge index price is downloaded.

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