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How to log issues in Event


What are Incidents in?

Incidents are issue logs in Event. They are a way to add manual logs of Events that happen that you want to report on.

Why would i use them?

Incidents are requirement in different products in Event. For example they can be added in ROUTE during the routing and scheduling phase through to INFORM during the delivery phase.

Incidents are fully self service.
You are provided with a
    1. Department
             - The owner of the issue. Caused by....
    2. Reason
             - The reason for the issue
    3. Action
             - The effect or action taken
    4 . Exclude as fail
             - Some Actions are preset as excluded, if they are not they can be overridden 

For example:
Department = Despatch

Reason = Not manufactured in time for collection
Action = Load failed
Exclude from performance KPI


What does the Exclude button do?

The exculde button allows an incident to be excluded from the OTIF performance KPI.

As an example: if an accident on the motorway is considered to be an incident that is out of the carriers control and the delivery is late because of it, the failure is not included in the calculation of OTIF.

An Action for an incident can be set as excluded in the configuration or the user can override in the main incident entry screen.

How do I add an incident type in Event?

Where do i go?


Incidents for these products are added through INFORM and are linked


DOCK is also a standalone product and so has a separate incident configuration 

Adding incidents

An incident is added through INFORM configuration or DOCK configuratio

+  Add the Departments that can create an incident


+  For each Department you add you can add multiple Reasons for the incident


+  For each Reason for each Department you can add multiple Actions

For each Action, you can set it to be included in the performance calculation or excludes for performance related incidents


- An incident can be updated or deleted

- Updating or deleting an incident type will NOT remove it from existing incidents

How do they work in Event?

Where do i go?

This guide will step through getting started with using Incidents



Incidents are accessed through ROUTE2, either at ROUTE or STOP level.
Right click to access the action menu...




Incidents are accessed through DOCK. They are DOCK specific.
They can be added to booked slots only...



Incidents are accessed through the INFORM configuration


An INFORM incident cannot be updated when added. A new UPDATE should be added to show date and time histroy.

+ Click from the dropdown 'Record an incident' 


+ Add your incident


+ Save your incident


+ View the incident history of a delivery from the 'View History' dropdown.


- View the histroy of incidents from ROUTE, DOCK and INFORM in one place

- Hide incidents that you dont want as part of the history

- Delete incidents if added incorrectly

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