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My Carriers

The self service Carrier store for Event

From integrated parcel and FLT / LTL fleets to special delivery vans and groupage...

Add a carrier, arrange a delivery....Don't let carrier onboarding slow you down.

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My Carriers, what does it do?

It gives you full control.
Control to manage what carriers to use, control in adding them, you decide, its your transport system

The store has a large range of different carriers from parcel to white glove van delivery, groupage to FTL fleets. From fully integrated behemoths to small specials with only a mobile phone. 

It is being added to continually, so if you are looking for a specific carrier to use, we may already have them connected.

With Event's My Carriers store you can:

  • Search Events carrier store for a specific carrier

  • INVITE new carriers or CONNECT to existing carriers

  • View a carriers contact, tracking and bio information

  • View carriers Event performance

  • Instantly integrate with carriers

  • and its free with all Event Accounts

What can you do in Event's Carrier store?

As an Account user

This guide will step through getting started with My Carriers store.

How to add a carrier?

There are 2 ways to add a carrier to Event from the My Carrier store:

Invite a new carrier

If you cannot find the carrier in the store, then you can invite them to Event. The Invite process will add the carrier to your account but also add them to Event's My Carriers store for other customers.

IMPORTANT: When inviting, make sure you are using the email address they want to receive updates to. They must sign up using the email address you send to them.

A carrier name must also be unique, so check if they already exist and if so use the CONNECT process below..

Accepting an invite as a carrier...

Connect to an existing carrier

If you can find them in the store then you can check out their bio and CONNECT. This will send them a connection and update you when they have accepted.

Accepting a connect as a carrier...

Can i remove a carrier from my Account?

We call it a 'deactivation'. On deactivation you will be required to confirm to proceed and all your users will receive a notification to advise them.

This will be immediate and a user will not be able to allocate work to this carrier.

All data for this carrier will remain. 


Adding integrated parcel carriers

You can add an integrated parcel carrier in minutes...

What does the carrier do?

So you have invited or connected but how does my carrier know what to do?

Accepting an invite as a carrier...

The Event Team

designed by humans : built with machines

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