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Are you Running Late?

The latest release added some upgraded functionality to INFORM

Running late is a new filter added to INFORM that uses the live tracking updates we receive from the carrier to show possible on-route issues.

A delivery is set with a status of RUNNING LATE when the calculation for the expected time of arrival indicates that the delivery will arrive late, it does not include the early status

The eta is calculated from the current position, the status of traffic on route and the planned arrival time against the LATE configuration in VITALS


  • Notifications can be activated in your Profile

  • They are received in the notifications view and email when a status is updated to LATE and the link can be used to quick view the issue delivery

  • The notifications store now has ability to sort and view all historically received notifications

  • INFORM has a filter for RUNNING LATE and deliveries will be added and removed as they update dynamically

For any further questions or demonstrations of the functionality, please contact the Knowledge Center team

Event Team

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