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Book me in to

Booking in is time consuming and repetitive but it is a necessary evil!

This new function has been designed to work for any delivery point that does not have its own portal, not the Tesco's etc of this world.

Getting started

How do i activate Auto booking?

  • Activate Auto booking notifications in your profile page

  • Setup each delivery point by ticking auto booking and adding in a contact. It must have an email address and a mobile number to work

Standard booking - sent and accepted

How to use Auto Booking

  • Check the delivery stop in ROUTE has 'AUTO' in the booking type. Refresh if not until it appears

  • Set the booking time and SAVE

  • This will send an email to the delivery point

  • The email has the booking in requirement and a link to the acceptance page

  • The delivery point can view the request and accept the booking request by adding a booking reference

  • The booking acceptance will be notified back to Event

  • The booking reference will be updated in ROUTE

Change the booking time

The delivery point is able to change the booking time.

Any booking time change will be notified back to Event with a link for easy, direct access to view it.

The time change and booking reference will be updated in ROUTE

Can the delivery point change the date?

They can only request a date in the future.

Any date change will be emailed back to the contact email on the email booking request.

The customer must update the date through the integration

Can the delivery point request anytime?

They can only change the time in 30min intervals, so 12:30 - 14:00

Does the delivery point get a confirmation email?

Yes, the delivery point will receive an email to confirm the booking.

How can i check all my bookings have been accepted?

You can use the Insights report - ROUTE DETAIL to check the status of all your bookings

For any further questions, please contact the Knowledge Center

Event Team

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