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Can i track my own delivery?

Guess what,....yes!

TMD provides easy access for a delivery point to view its delivery status, whats coming, see where the vehicle is, its eta and if required message the customer.

It's all about transparency and direct to source...its the final part of the puzzle...

Its called Track My Delivery

Activated through the INFORM configuration

Its a login free, website, available on the front of or as a link

It can be given to all delivery points, to individuals or multiple users

It can include email or SMS notifications to the delivery point

Its even mobile!

What do i need to access it?

  • The link

  • The Customer Order Number

  • The delivery point postcode (for security reasons)

  • Nothing if receiving SMS

But i want to make it mine!

Of course you do!

You want to brand it?

TMD can be used by the same delivery point for any number of different customers.

  • Add your own logo and website link

  • Contact number and email address

What does the delivery point see?

Everything they need to...

  • The status of the delivery

  • Where it is and has been

  • What's on it

  • ePOD

  • Conatct information if ever needed

  • Direct message

  • and of course self service support!

How do i set it up?

  • Select the delivery point in VITALS

  • Add email and or mobile for SMS

  • Select the notifications for the customer in INFORM configuration

  • Give the Delivery location the link to access on the go or

- If using email they can access from the link

- If using SMS, they can access from the link on the SMS

For more information or qauestion, please contact the Event Knowledge Center

Event Team

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