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Event 2.0

Event is getting an upgrade for Jan 2024

The upgrade will provide a refreshed, modern look, while adding some improved functionality. We will be optimising speed and usability with SignalR for auto refreshes and taking some of the requests raised through the PID process by users and incorporating them into the new design principles.

As a taster, this is the new Home screen, simplifying and modernising the look, with easy access to account information and important Event notifications, including a built in chat function.

Event 1.0 was constantly in the dark but Event 2.0 includes settings that enable you the user to decide on the look...

...meaning you can view Create Order 2.0 like this...

or like this...

Event 2.0 will also include a new UX design, with the upgrade giving us the ability to use the latest features and functions.

Ceate Order for example, will be quicker to use, more responsive and with improved functionality, like adding multiple shipments and all on one view.

The new profile and notification views demonstrate the clean look and feel.

During the course of the next few weeks and months we will release more information on the changes and upgrades Event 2.0 will bring and look forward to working with some of you through the UX, UI and testing programs.

Any questions please contact me directly.


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