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Everything POD

In this current release, we have added some new POD related functionality:

  1. Select your preferred POD reference - Live

  2. Configure the POD types to view - Live

  3. Payment by POD - Live

  4. View claused POD's now in INFORM - Live

  5. Request missing POD's - release date 22nd June

Select your preferred POD reference

You can set how you want carriers to reference manually uploaded PODs.

The system default is to use DESPATCH NOTE NUMBER but an account can now select to simply use CUSTOMER ORDER NUMBER.

It will work from new orders added after the change is made. Any orders already in Event before the configuration is updated will use the original reference.

Configure the POD types to view

Through the INFORM configuration, you can now deactivate INCAB ePOD.

This will allow INCAB to be used as normal but will prevent the ePOD from being visible in Event. Only manually entered POD's will be visible in INFORM, Track My Delivery and reCONNECT.

Payment by POD

Setting Payment by POD will prevent a carrier from being able to agree a route cost until the POD is uploaded.

You can activate this feature in the reCONNECT configuration by carrier at Account level.

In reCONNECT a new configuration is now available called 'POD CONFIGURATION'

View claused POD's now in INFORM

Claused POD's, INCAB and manual can now be viewed and exported by customers in INFORM

This means that customers can use INFORM to view PODS and now claused POD's without the need to use reCONNECT.

A new filter has been added to INFORM.

Request missing POD's

Users can now request missing POD's through INFORM itself. Again this enables customers to deal with all POD requirements through INFORM

without the need to use reCONNECT.

The user will now see a REQUEST button if a POD is missing. Clicking it will send a request to the carriers emails. The request can be sent 3 times, after that the button will deactivate and show 'Call Support'.

This function is on both INFORM and Track My Delivery

Any questions please raise through the Knowledge Center team

Event Team

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