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FLEET information allocation

FLEET and Day Rate carriers can now have FLEET resources added to a route and can be connected across different Accounts.

The same FLEET carrier can now be added to different accounts and have FLEET information added to each Account.

FLEET information includes:

  1. Driver name

  2. Trip number

  3. Sequence number

  4. Trailer number

  5. Unit registration

*note: This information can only be viewed and used as an Account carrier, not as a Spot Rate carrier.

So what can you do?

  1. Invite the same FLEET carrier to different Accounts

  2. Add FLEET information in Carrier VITALS for the carrier

  3. View that information in ROUTE Detail and annotate it

  4. Add FLEET (Day Rate) carriers to priorities so that they can be auto planned by Event.

For an Account carrier, if a FLEET (Day Rate) carrier is selected, the new FLEET functionality can be selected

The selected FLEET information is then shown on the route

A user can add driver names. In this example, it has been used as a connecting reference between FLEET routes on different Accounts.

How to add FLEET information to a carrier?

A carrier will need to be activated for FLEET.

Once this is done, the resources can be added.

Each resource type can be made 'active for duty' or 'inactive for duty', for example a driver on holiday for a week can be set as inactive so cannot be selected by mistake.

Using the current phase for cross Account reporting

Where cross account reporting is required, the DRIVER NAME resource can be used as the connector. For example you can add drivers as TRIP1.1, TRIP1.2, TRIP2.1 etc.

The select the correct 'Driver' to link routes.

Account A, Route1 - DRIVER = Trip10.1

Account B, Route1 - DRIVER = Trip10.2

The carrier per account will still get costed per route and will need to cost adjusted.

The below explains when cross account costing will be available.

What is still to come?

In the next 8 weeks we will be adding the following roadmap functionality:

  1. to enable a FLEET (Day Rate) route to be costed across Accounts

  2. to enable the auto Trip function from drag a route to between accounts to seqwuence correctly

  3. to enable FLEET (Day Rate) routes to be connected across different days

This function is due to be released on the 25th May.

For any questions on using this function, please speak to the Knowledge Center team.

The Event Team

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