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FourKites 'Plate' number

As part of the 3t Event FourKites integration, carriers are now required to add the PLATE number to an accepted job.

Where is it added?

The PLATE number is added in the job offer detail section.

The same place that the trailer type is added.

The carrier can accept the job and add the PLATE number later

*note: the job is not sent to FourKites until the plate number is added


The PLATE number is updated in DOCK once it has been added by the carrier in CONNECT

Was it added?

A carrier will not always know the PLATE number when they accept the job offer.

The job details will not be sent to FourKites until it is added.

So to keep a check on this, operators can use the INSIGHTS ROUTE DETAIL report to check.

Any questions, please contact the Knowledge Center

The Event Team

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