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LIVE or STAND to deliver...

New functionality in CONNECT to force the adherence to select the trailer type for a collection

The function will enforce the mindset of adding the trailer type. It maybe to early for some carriers to make the correct selection but they are able to edit their intial selection once they have accurate information

It's all about muscel memory...

The Configuration

The functionality is a configuration, available to activate by a superuser in reCONNECT.

It;s default will be 'OFF'

Active = YES

When active, the CONNECT user will be required to select a trailer type before they can accept the route offer and select a collection time.

The route offer detail will be re-open, select STAND or LIVE, save and then the drag option for selecting a collection time will activate

Active = NO

When deactivated, the function will not be required, drag to selection collection time will be immediately active and default trailer type will be STAND

This functionality will be released for 28th March 2023

Any questions, please raise with the Knowledge Center

The Event Team

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