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The Carrier Store - safe and secure

New carriers joining the 3t Event Carrier Store will now go through an automated credit check to get access to posting loads.


Ask yourself, would you buy a car from a stranger with no documents?

Checking the status of each of carrier that works out of the Store and / or offers loads, provides another level of protection and security for anyone that uses or is thinking about using them. Its a comfort blanket.

Carrier Store = trusted contacts where carriers work through 'groups' made up of contacts in the Carrier Store.

What do we do?

As the carrier accepts the invite and signs up, we will automatically credit check them. If they pass they are accepted and we update the result in the carriers profile - Event rating.

If they fail, they are unable to join.

This check is repeated at 6 month intervals

Once they are accpted in Event, they are able to post and take loads.

Any questions, please contact

The Event Team

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