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Your the next best...

AutoReallocate is the 2nd phase of AutoRoute.

It's a function designed to allow Event to automate the allocation of a load by reacting to rejections and using the Account resources it has to find a solution.

Now that availability can be added to cover all scenarios, once setup, it enables true automation.

So how do you cover loads?

Allocate to your Tier 1 carrier and hope they accept it?

What happens if the don't?

You manually reallocate it to the Tier 2 carrier?

If they reject it in time...

If you have a Tier 2, when after all, no one ever waits around on the sidelines for too long just waiting for your call...

So what if you could set a process that automatically reallocates based on a timer through all your carrier options, ending with a full blown 'help me' through Marketplace!

Autoreallocate will automatically reallocate to the next best, available carrier in your Change Carrier Store, automatically replanning and publishing to each carrier in turn until it runs out of options.

If you have activated Martketplace, AutoRoute will select all options in your Marketplace and set a 'Give me your best offer'. The selection of the rate is the only action you need to make.


To get the most out of this function, it requires that your Change Carrier Store is accurate, that your Marketplace of carriers is accurate.

If a carrier should not be in the Change Carrier Store then remove it, if a carrier has a crazy rate that would never be offered, then remove it.

This function will be released on the 13th July 2023

Want to know more?

IT will be holding a New Product demonstration and Q&A on this in the next 2 weeks.

The Event Team

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