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The main development items for the coming 18 months


Dynamic microservices

Optimise dynamic

Q3 2023

  • Technical debt

  • To optimise dynamic by splitting the current services.


Angular upgrade

Upgrade Event to latest Angular v.16

Q3 2023

  • Upgrade each product to new version

  • Add chat / messaging function

  • Add user function for light / dark and colour



Route redesign for Fleet

Implement Fleet ability

Q3 2023

  • Map based planning for AUTOROUTE

  • Add FLEET Gant chart

  • Add FLEET resources management

  • Driver card api



Customer tariffs

Carrier customer tariffs / auto invoicing

Q3 2023

  • Add function for customer tariffs

  • Automated invoicing



Multi account / site

Q4 2023

  • Optimisation of Fleet / multi carrier / last mile

  • Finding the correct balance between utilising fleet and multi carrier

  • Using tracking and Driver cards to calculate availability

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Q1 2024

  • Development to migrate WPC site to Event

  • Carrier integrations are main requirement

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KP  Pontivy FR 


Q1 2024

  • Development to migrate Pontivy site to Event

  • Per week optimisation engine not transferable


AutoRoute AI beta

Complete user free transport network planning

Q4 2024

  • Ability to move away from rigid business rule optimisation

  • Use current constraints, live changes to find the best solution

  • To interact with the customer as needed to book in

  • To use future orders etc to optimise across days with out the need to update business rules


Operational AI beta

Running an operational transport shift

Q4 2024

  • Dealing with delays

  • Finding solutions to reorganising a live plan

  • Adding routes etc to facilitate returns, failures

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Support AI beta

1st line support for the customer

Q4 2024

  • AI to provide answers on how to use Event

  • Questions about Event

  • Calculate efficency of a user / Account setup and suggest improvements

Ref data (Vitals)

  • New UI screen off Stop Control

        - Delivery types PARCEL will get Process Order screen

        - Delivery types GROUPAGE / FTL / FLEET will get Stop CONTROL

        - Info including shipment, orderline, order numbers, HU, DIMS, weight, incoterms, order numbers,               products. Plus % fill for each line.

        - Booking in / reference / time / instruction

        - Address, to and from

        - Special instructions, transport instructions. Add / edit on the fly.

        - Booking in information to be used in scheduling decisions.

        - Set booking in time as opening time if non available

 - Rate, stop rate, % fill

        - Load fill % per Stop, Load Fill % per orderline. 

        - Highlight multiple orderlines to get total load fill %

  • References

        - References including Customer Order number, Despatch note, PO, BOL

        - Ability to add in a new reference from the available references

  • No ability to edit orderline information - update.

February 2020

CONNECT users to add rate cards

Copy of LogisticsHaus (16).png

ROUTE multi site manual planning

Multi Account routing, cross account with manual collaboration

June, 2020

  • Implement the ability to interact with multiple Accounts

  • Implement Signal-r to deal with multi users accessing the same data

        - There will be multi users attempting to use and edit the same data throughout Event

        - This process will track users and provide each user with visibility on which other users are in                 the same product on the same day filters (i.e. maybe date window, but if includes same date)

        - This process will prevent a user from being able to edit / action a Route currently being viewed               by another.

        - We must not allow overwriting, duplication for deletion.

  • Update Connect process in VITALS

        - Include ability for superuser to connect with another account and to connect with an edit                       profile. Allowing the Account to view and edit the connecting accounts data.

        - Include ability for superuser to update current connection from 'view only' to 'edit'.

        - This will include an edit by product. So a user can request to connect and edit ROUTE, VITALS,                 DOCK

  • Implement additional notifications to deal with issues where moves in route are not possible due to location Account specific to not confuse user. 

  • Use connection process as explained in Multi Account Visibility, through invite function.

  • Once connection is confirmed we will immediately update user profile with connecting data.

        - including configs, searches, filters, 

        - Route data, Vitals data

  • User will be able to view connected Accounts individually

  • User will be able to view selected connected accounts in same view together

  • User will be able to view all routes / stops through grids as current

  • User will be able to set the Route Control screen to show just the data they want to see.

            - This will include additional new fields for Stops on the route

            - Blades will be updated to allow user to set there position and width even on refresh

  • User will be able to view all Routes / Stops on new interactive map interface

  • User will get ability to configure Route to setup blades as preferred.

  • User will be able to interact with map and view Order detail in Order Control as required.

  • User will be able to move Stops between routes on mapping

  • User will be able to see mapping by Route filters, only single day in phase 1

  • User will be able to open map up to full view in blade

        - Close the view route blade header, Event bottom section and Event header section to create                   largest screen open

        - Provide a UI button for this to close all above and open all above.

  • User will be able to move Stops between Routes for different Accounts

  • User will see Stops showing which Account easily

  • User will get warnings if they are moving Stops between Accounts (configurable )

  • User will get KPI view to see how change affects overall Plan KPI

        - Includes plan cost, plan distance, plan greenhouse gas, % empty fill...

  • User will get overlays in map to view

        - Stop summary address

        - Stop % load fill

        - Stop equipment

        - Stop date, time

        - Stop Account owner

        - Distance, time, delays to next stop / between Stops

        - Total route distance, time, delays

  • Ability to select a route to view possible return routes

        - User can select a route, we will use AMI to identify the delivery time, empty run to offer best                     return load based on return loads delivery times.

        - Store all options and those selected by user for AMI

        - Enable a user to link the routes 

  • Show backload options, link backloads

  • Use AMI to suggest backloads

  • Ability to discount backloads (through tariff for manually)

  • Auto reoffer route on rejection by carrier

  • Auto hide carrier rejection for lane for that day. Where carrier rejects, do not show in Carrier Control.

  • vv

Copy of LogisticsHaus (16).png

Optimiser 3T

Full Automated Routing [FAR] - single Account (manual process to select backloads)

September, 2020

  • Implement current multi carrier, single account engine from GCM

  • Integrate FAR service so that it 'always' runs in ROUTE

  • SAR will consolidate, allocate and revisit the schedule each time a new order file is received

        - It cannot be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It dosen't feel pity or remorse or fear. And             it absolutely will not stop, ever until it has beaten you into the ground!

  • Provide user the ability to pause SAR

        - SAR will run constantly, poling for new jobs and on receipt looking for optimum allocation each                 time


  • Create UI for mapping

        - Add ability to show all routes on map

        - Create an overlay function to enable interaction with Tom Tom

        - Add ability to view additional details for each Route. Load fill %, equipment.

        - Add ability to view additional details for each Stop. Booking window, load fill %, equipment etc

        - Add ability to use map to update schedule by moving Stops from Route to Route.

        - Add ability to undo the last move made.

  • Provide lIVE feedback on result of manual changes made to FAR

        - Create UI to show LIVE KPI's for manual route changes verses current SAR

        - Current cost from FAR, cost change as manual move is made

        - Cost per unit

        - Utilisation, load fill %

  • Provide the ability to optimal verses actual (lab verses operational)


  • Provide optimal carrier selection as constant optimisation

  • Optimise by selection on map.

Copy of LogisticsHaus (16).png

Optimiser 3T

Full Automated Routing [FAR] - Multi Account

July, 2020

  • Add to DASHBOARD in Event header

  • Optimiser results KPI based on baseline

  • Number routes, Stops, KM's travelled, load fill, CO2 used

  • Problem routes, under-performing. Analyse which Stop, why and how to improve.

  • Ability to compare against Event PREDICT from March

Copy of LogisticsHaus (16).png

Load viewer

3D load viewer

TBC, 2020

  • Create unity application to view a 3D environment

  • Create templates for each truck type in default equipment table

        - Create 3D renders of the trucks

        - Floor, wheel base, pillars, roof, headboard and doors

        - Create ability for new templates to be easily added.

  • Create the ability to interface with Events loading / packing output

  • To use the output from Event by Route to show a user for the equipment type how the equipment needs to be loaded

  • To show the loading order, the reference ID by HU and its description.

  • To provide the ability to feedback on any issues from loading.

  • To be able to confirm loading as per plan or any exceptions.

  • To be built so it can be implemented into current Event for ROUTE, DOCK, CONNECT, INFORM.

  • To be built for mobile as an app so a user can use mobile to view 3D rather than paper.

Copy of LogisticsHaus (16).png

Load viewer

3D load viewer - Augmented reality

TBC, 2020

  • Using the initial 3D viewer, create the ability to implement augmented reality function

  • For a user to be able to use a mobile device to view an environment and interact with any 'tagged' vehicle to view the bill of lading as it has been loaded onto the vehicle

  • To be able to identify a specific product on a vehicle, which vehicle from a group and where exactly on that vehicle.

  • To be able to show 'how to load' the vehicle against the load plan with visual and audible comments on success or failure as each item loaded.

  • Ability to view the state of each vehicle in a yard, from full, empty to VOR.


Spot Tendering

Spot multi carrier tender - Marketplace

October, 2020

  • Marketplace from ROUTE

        - Create UI in Carrier Control to allow selection of invited carriers

        - Create ability to select multi carriers

        - Create ability to send notification of offered route to carriers

        - Include cost or estimated cost

  • Create ability for ROUTE users to 

  • Create ability to send Marketplace offers to carriers

        - Provide ability for carriers to sign up to Marketplace

        - Provide ability for carriers to be able to unsubscribe to Marketplace

        - Provide a signup function for new carriers

        - Create service to 'check / verify' carriers 

  • Update INCAB for Marketplace

        - Provide ability for carrier to register for Marketplace

        - Create a service to 'check / verify' carrier

        - Create function to confirm acceptance to carrier and activate INCAB for                                   Marketplace

        - Create INCAB Marketplace UI to provide targeted jobs based on position

        - Add cost as part of route acceptance

        - Add ability for carrier to 'buy' route offered

        - Add ability to provide notification to Account and allocate carrier

        - For Marketplace 'best offer' add ability to INCAB to edit offer


  • d

Copy of LogisticsHaus (11).png

CONNECT phase 2

CONNECT improvements to enhance tracking

December, 2020

  • Add function to enable a carrier to manually update mapping for manual tracking where they have no formal tracking ability.

  • Add REPLAY function to enable Account and CONNECT to view history of route, compare planned verses actual. Add integration for camera for LIVE view and annotation of incidents determined by camera.

  • To be able to identify a specific product on a vehicle, which vehicle from a group and where exactly on that vehicle.

  • Make CONNECT mobile. Add invoice process to INCAB


Project Titan

Auto integration, testing and dynamic UI

May, 2020

  • To create a self serve interface for dynamic integration, mapping and UI.

  • For all size businesses

  • To remove the need to implement new business or additional sites ourselves, just base support to the customer.

  • To create a process to enable a user to map their data to Event by matching

        - User can view their own data fields and 'match' to Events to create mapping

        - We implement AMI and train her through our migration plan to assist in                               intelligently aiding users with matching fields

  • We will provide the user with a UI to do this.

        - We will create a simple wizard to guide the user

        - It will include new, update, canx, confirm processes

        - It will be an interactive process with AMI

  • We will use AMI to create a series of scenario tests based on the integration profile

  • These will be run through a wizard process with the user.

  • We will provide feedback on these tests.

  • Only when all are correct will we enable the next stage to production.

  • We will run these test again automatically using the test information.

  • We will provide a report output to show user how their reporting would look like based on running the scenarios through the Event environment automatically.

  • We will create a dynamic UI environment to show a UI based on the information / data provided by the user through integration.

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