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Track my delivery


What's Track my Delivery got to do with it...?

Tired of cumbersome package tracking solutions? Use 3t Event's INFORM - it has made tracking smooth and simple by sending status information straight to your mailbox.

It enables you to track all your packages for both local and international shipments on a single page with just one click.

What is INFORM...?

Do you have multiple tracking numbers, different logistics providers, looking for regular track event updates? We have you covered. Allow us to minimise the complexity of tracing your shipments across different carriers with our tracking service. We provide you with an easy-to-use overview of your parcel tracking, translations & regular updates (SMS and email) - simple and convenient!

What's this got to do with Track my Delivery?

INFORM is a great solution for a customer, you, who wants to be able to see the status of all your deliveries at a glance but you need the Event application, you need a login to be setup and you need to be invited!

Thats where Track my Delivery comes in. Its been specifically designed to provide the end customer with updates and LIVE visibility of their delivery.

INFORM stand.png

Track my Delivery has been specifically designed to make sure your end customer is provided with all the information they need to keep them informed including SMS and email updates, LIVE map view and eta, products and direct messaging to you.

No desktop - no problem

In busy working lives, the people that need to know where a delivery is are usually not sitting at a desk. They are running around all over the place. 

So we have create notifications that can be sent as SMS messages and provide a link to a mobile friendly tracking page that provides additional information to make sure that they have the best customer experiance

inform mobile.PNG
TMD QA.png

scan to view on mobile

Can i brand it as me?

Track my Delivery has a configuration page. This lets you add your logo, url link, main contact number and email address. It also has a message function linked directly to your Account.

This configuration is updated in the INFORM configuration.

As a customer, if you have access to INFORM, you have access to messages from those customers.


How do i know to check?

A delivery deserves a delivery notification...

We provide you with delivery notifications via text or email,...if you want them?!

Not everyone does, so speak to your supplier who can activate them as required.

The notifications that can be activated are:

  1. Stock has been allocated and the customers order is being prepared

  2. The carrier has been allocated and the order is ready for collection

  3. The order has been collected and is on its way

  4. The order has been delivered

Notifcations can be selected in INFORM configuration by a Superuser, for email and or SMS

The contact details for email and SMS are added to the location in Location Vitals by a Superuser

How does Track my Delivery work?

A users perspective

How do you use Track my delivery.....

The Event Team

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