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Create a PACKAGE

Parcel label integration, but not as we know it!

When you only have an order message but no packing message...

...then you need to 'Create a PACK'.

The Create PACK application enables the user to create a Packing message to trigger the print of the label you have just packed.

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What does it actually do?

In integration terms, if you are automating your parcel label operation, you require 4 things:

1. An 'ORDER' to tell the parcel carrier what to send and where to send it.

2. A 'PACK' to tell the parcel carrier what size and weight the parcel with the orders in is.

3. A 'RULE' to decide, based on point 1 & 2, which parcel carrier and service to select

4. A 'LABEL' to put on the parcel.


Create PACK is a semi manual process that replaces point 2 above, when integration is not possible and as a customer you have no automated way to provide packing information. 

With 3 pieces of information, you have the information required to send a parcel.

How does it work?

Create pack1.png

       This will automatically print your label on your selected printer when you hit 'print'

  • Scan the parcel barcode


        The parcel is packed with a barcode of the order No. on it. Simply scan the barcode.

        This links to the Order message with address, product  information etc 

        If the delivery is an export, Create PACK will ask you to add a value for customs.

  • Scan the box type used

        The parcel carrier will need to know the dimensions of the package. You can store these, 

        create barcodes and simply scan the correct package type

  • Weight and add the weight

       The actual 'packed' weight is required. Weight it and add.

  • Collect the label from your selected printer.


       On receipt of the PACK message, Event will process the request automatically and output         the correct label for exactly the PACK sent.Expected performance is approx. 10 seconds             per label*

note: Create PACK is only for customers that can provide an integrated Order file but cannot provide an integrated Packing file

Ready to activate? Make sure all the requirements have been met...

Getting started with Create PACK

How to use Create PACK

This guide will step you through starting out

How to add in a barcode to a Packaging type

HU barcode.png
  • Open Create Order

  • Open the configuration

  • Add / delete the required packaging types in the HU section.

  • Remember to add a barcode reference.

  • Save

How to use barcodes with Create PACK

  • Make sure your packaging types have barcode references associated to them

  • Go to: a free barcode generator website

  • Create a barcode for each packaging type and copy them onto a word document

  • Print out document and tape down in the area you scan

  • Now simply scan the correct barcode to make selecting the correct packaging type easy!

Check list

Make sure you have all you need setup to start labelling

  • A valid Event account with ROUTE, integrated parcel carriers with valid accounts.

  • Direct-to-Print activated

            - .net framework on each PC (

Note: Changing your default printer after you have downloaded the above application will require a reinstall.

  • A valid interface from your ERP to Event for Order

  • ROUTE ASSIST rules for determining carrier and service selection. (You can simply use select cheapest carrier option)

  • A package to put the label on...

Support process

  • At any point, when the application cannot connect and 'stops listening for labels' we will automatically generate a support ticket to the 3T Service Desk and your Admin account email address. - coming soon Q3 2019

  • This will be considered a Priority support ticket and acted on with immediate effect.

  • Where a label cannot be returned, an error label will be produced to advise you of the issue.

         - In Route, the package will be set with a status of 'E', the Stop will be updated to red and a notification will be               sent to users that subscribe.​

  • If a label has a hazardous code associated we will generate an additional label to advise of this.

* Label generation speed is approximate and based on the quality of your internet connection. Tested as below:

Download speed

73.92 Mbps

Upload speed

86.70 Mbps

Response time

10 ms

The Event Team

designed by humans : built with machines

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