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Live currency conversion to view all Carrier store carriers in your currency

How do i add a currency to my Account?

An account will be given a default currency based on their Account country

This can be viewed or changed in the Account VITALS configuration


How does currency affect an Account?

Once a currency is set, all costs seen by the Account user in any of their associated applications will be shown in the Account set currency.

  • Carrier rate cards will be imported in the same way but Event will check the carrier preferred currency in CONNECT for the conversion

  • ROUTE will show rates from all your carriers in your currency preferrence

  • reCONNECT will show the converted carrier invoice cost but also in the carrier currency for you to check


How does it work in CONNECT?

A carrier now has to confirm their preferred currency for invoicing.
This means that they will see all costs in CONNECT in thier preferred currency.
They will invoice you in their preferred currency.

What will you see in reCONNECT for invoicing?

The carrier will provide a pdf invoice in the currency they want to be paid in.
We will show you the converted cost in your currency and we will also show you exactly what they were told to invoice, so you can match.


When is the rate conversion fixed for an accepted route offer?

The currency conversion rate is fixed once the carrier accepts the route offered.
If the route is later uupublished and republished, the rate will again be set using the conversion rate for that day.

Adding SPOT rates (non tariff)

When a SPOT rate is added, outside of the standard rate card process, the cost manually added must be in the carriers currency.

There is no currency conversion done on manually added spot rates.

Carrier A charges in GBP.
Spot rate to be added as no rate card.
Carrier A is contacted for a price to action the delivery
Carrier A provides the price in their prefered currency that they charge in (EUR)
The Spot cat is added as received from Carrier A.
No conversion is made, the price

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