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FLEET Maintenance

'a number of vehicles operating together or under the same ownership'

How to manage your FLEET resources from drivers to units and trailers

Activate a FLEET carrier, define resources and allocate to routes...

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The current FLEET functionality enables a user to activate a carrier as FLEET, the add the required FLEET resources so that they can be selected and added to a route.

To allocate FLEET resources to a route, the route will need to be set to FLEET in one of the following ways:

  • By adding manual orders through Create Order as FLEET, generating a FLEET route.

  • Through an order interface where rules in the ROUTE ASSISTANT create a FLEET route

  • By using CARRIER CONTROL to change a route to a FLEET route 

*A FLEET carrier does not require a rate card

FLEET carrier

To add a FLEET carrier to Event, simply invite it! 

Then locate it in Carrier VITALS and in the FLEET MAINTENANCE tab, set the carrier to FLEET.


note: only 1 carrier per Account can be set as FLEET.

FLEET maintenance

FLEET resources can be added by selecting the carrier in Carrier VITALS.

In the FLEET Maintenance configuration, you will need to take the following action:

  • Add / edit drivers, including agency

  • Add / edit units

  • Add / edit trailers 

  • Set each for 'duty' type (active / inactive)

How to setup FLEET resources

FLEET Maintenance

This guide will step through adding / editing / deleting FLEET resources

Adding FLEET resources in ROUTE

FLEET resources, once added through FLEET Maintenance, can now be added to a route

To add FLEET resources the route must be set as a delivery type of FLEET.

To add, select the route to open Stop Control. The FLEET resources section is at the bottom and each resource will show all 'active duty' options only.

As well as allocating a driver, unit, trailer etc you will also need to give the route a 'Trip' number. A driver can complete multiple trips in 1 shift using different trailers and maybe units.

A FLEET route, set as Trip 3 indicates that the driver has 3 routes to complete in the shift. 

FLEET resources in ROUTE

How to add FLEET resources to a route

This guide step through how to allocate FLEET resources to a route in ROUTE 

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