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Manufacturing End times

Automation in Event

Busy production led customers use dates and times to provide accurate and LIVE information on product availability

If its not ready, it can't be collected...

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Manufacturing End times, what does it do?

So how does Event handle this process?

Manufacturing times (MET) are the dates and times provided by the Production Department that inform when a order will be available to collect by the delivery vehicle.

These MET's are part of the order update process and so can be updated at any point in the planning process.

How does it work? and keep it simple...

We calculate the optimal collection window for a carrier to collect from:

  1. The latest manufacturing end time for all orders on the route

  2. The booking window for the 1st stop

  3. The time to travel from pickup to destination

  4. Add 1hr for leaving site

  5. Block any DOCK slots that are after the latest time of the collection window

  6. and the weather conditions....(really!?)

The carrier can then allocate the route to DOCK after manufacturing is complete and before they arrive to late to deliver.

and for those with a longer concentration span.....

How does Auto Offer routes work with MET?

  • A Route has a MET that is the earliest date and time that all the orders on the Route will be available to collect

  • We calculate this from all the orderlines on the Stop and from all the Stops on the Route

  • We then calculate the time taken to drive from the pickup point to the 1st delivery point using our Tom Tom mapping service.

  • We next look at the Booking slot for the 1st delivery. This is the actual booking window. If there isent one we use the Location booking window.

  • We add 1hr for loading / paperwork / departure. A protection buffer.

  • That gives the carrier a collection window.

  • The collection window tells the carrier the time window in which they can collect to satisfy the planned delivery time and the latest manufacturing end time.

  • We open all the DOCK slots for that collection day from 00:00 to the earliest time in the collection window, to provide a safety net incase its a busy day but only if it does not break the manufacturing end time.

  • We then block off all booking slots after the lastest collection time so the carrier cannot collect to fail the delivery.


As a planner, what do i need to do?

You publish to CONNECT, instead of DOCK.

What if the manufacturing time means the planned delivery time cannot be made?

CONNECT will show a collection time window of the latest manufacturing end time. If the planner has not seen this issue we will also open up all the slots in advance so that the carrier can select the earliest available.

Can a carrier collect earlier than the collection window?

Yes, even though we provide a optimal collection window we do open all the available DOCK slots from 00:00 on the day of collection.

This provides the carrier some flexiability and opens further slots in conjested periods.

This will only happen where the manufacturing end time latest is before 00:00 of the day of collection.

note: carrier can book a slot earlier than the collection window and collectollect if ready

Can i still allocate collection slots from DOCK?

This is beta for fully automating manufacturing end times and remove the need for planners to still allocate all collection times in DOCK

The manual DOCK allocation is still available to be used.

Can the Carrier override this 'collection window'?

No, they cannot.

Worse case scenario is to unpublish the route and reallocate through DOCK.

What if there are no slots in DOCK within that booking wondow?

We provide a 'buffer' of slots before the the earliest collection time so that the latest time they can leave to still deliver on time is protected.

What happens where due to manufacturing, the collection window means the delivery will not arrive on time?

This function currenlty does not includes Full Automated Routing (FAR) and so can only use the information it has.

We will start the collection window from the manufacturing end time and open the slots to make sure the carrier has slots to select.

The carrier is expected to select a slot around the EARLIEST time of the collection window.

Why do you have a collection window and not just a fixed time?

If the carrier selects a slot close to the start of the collection window they will arrive at the start of the delivery location window.

If the select a slot around the end of the collection window they will arrive close to the end of the delivery location window.

We provide the window for flexibility to assist the carrier and warehouse but still control the delivery.

What will the carrier see?

as a CONNECT user...

How to select a DOCK slot.


What does a carrier have to do?

  1. Click on the route offer as they currently do.

  2. In Allocate, they will see the route collection window in the time field.

  3. This tells them the window they must collect in to deliver ontime

  4. They will then select the YELLOW DRAG button and drag the route to their prefered DOCK slot.

  5. If the make a mistake the can drag to a different slot.

  6. They then allocate a driver or leave the route and come back later to allocate the driver.

The Event Team

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