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Release 2023.5.4 - 25th May

Updated: May 25, 2023

New functionality for release: 2023.5.4

Release date: 25th May 2023

  • FLEET carriers update - Adding Fleet information and using across multiple accounts - in progress, eta am 26th May

  • MARKETPLACE - finance report for Marketplace. Triggered on invoice upload, emailed out report. - released

  • CARRIER STORE - Credit check. Update text for non UK to say 'Add Company Reference No.' rather than 'Add VAT No.' - released

  • ROUTE - Mileage multi Stop calculation - released

  • MARKETPLACE - Add function to add equipment to setting 'Allow carrier to offer best rate'. - released

  • MARKETPLACE - auto ROUTE refresh when offer has ended to populate 'Offers' button - released

  • CONNECT - update to Accept Route function so it is now inline and best practice with the Accept Route widget. This is linked to the 'Bypass DOCK' function for Marketplace. - released

  • ROUTE - Allowing a date change for a Create Order added manual order - released

  • ROUTE - Site swap function (KP specific) - released

  • ROUTE - FLEET can now be added as a Priority carrier so that it is possible to create a FLEET radius to auto allocate to - released

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