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The Oasis

Integration simplified...

What is Application Integration

Application integration connects and combines different software applications to create workflows that streamline processes. By integrating two or more applications, businesses can automate mundane tasks that would otherwise require manual entry and management. The primary mechanism for achieving this is through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which are rules and protocols allowing different applications to communicate and share information. This helps them save time and money while ensuring accuracy in data processing.

What is The Oasis...?

The OASIS is the 3T process for integrating with Event.

It is a fully documented integration that provides the 3T and the customer the ability to create a workflow of order data received by the customer and to map that data between systems.

To create an order for shipment, Event requires at the very least:

  • a unique order number,

  • a source address,

  • a delivery address,

  • a date to deliver

  • a quantity of goods to deliver

It also requires information on when an update is made to that delivery

This can be in the form of a customer mapping data directly into the Oasis api or the customer providing the mapping from their own data outputs so we can receive and map to OASIS.

The above is not always straight forward and depends on the customers technical ability and access to its order data,

The preference is for the customer to integrate to OASIS, as they know their data well and OASIS proivides the perfect workflow into Event to get the best from the TMS.

What is Event..?

Event is the 3T Transport Management Platform.

Where you can control the transportation of your product to your customers.

So you are creating the ability to put your order data into a format that can be used for:

  1. Routing and scheduling

  2. Parcel selection and labelling

  3. Bay Managment

  4. Your carriers

    1. Your carrier rates​

  5. The delivery process

  6. The POD and Invoice process

  7. Reporting

So it is important that this order data is comprehensive enough that your routing and scheduling team have the correct information to be able to create vehicle loads and can fill this accuratly to get the best fit and cost and that you have the required information in the reporting when its all delivered.

Why would you want to use this integration?

As a TMS, the requirement is to provide the best possible solution for delivering a customer's product.

We realised that even though we could and have integrated with many different systems, these systems often had non-standard schemas and integrations were often long, expensive, complicated and problematic to maintain.

So we designed a simple, customisable interface that flawlessly integrates with Event.


  • This is a purpose built, self-service, 2-way integration for Event, so it works in perfect harmoney with Events complex functionality.

  • Its SKU level, designed to work with Events complex consolidation, packaging and routing functions

  • It has been designed to follow an order pattern of NEW, UPDATE, CANCEL and COMPLETE information

  • It is maintained and monitored by our own integration team and their purpose-built insights software 24/7

  • It is fully customisable, making it as simple or as complex as is required and allowing for customers to still provide any non-standard data that is important to their business

What will you need?

You will need to be able to send Event accurate, live order information from your order system.

  • A new order, when 1st received

  • You will need to be able to identify updates to that order already sent to Event [changes to date, quantity, manufacturing estimate etc]

  • To tell Event if the order has been cancelled

  • To confirm to Event that it has been despatched or packed [the actual despatch quantity and the POD reference if required]

  • [Optional} To receive in return your order data back as routes.

Where do i get the specification?

Event has 2 integration methods.

Where do we start?


  • Parcel

    • You pick, pack and label parcels​

    • Primary service is parcel.

      • You may use limited groupage or palletised services​

    • You use well known parcel carriers (DHL, FedEx, UPS)

This is the important one! How does your business work?

Welcome to Events Oasis for Parcel...


  • Truckload, part load, groupage

    • You despatch mainly palletised goods or loose load​

    • Primary service is NOT parcel

    • You use general haulage carriers

Welcome to Events Oasis for Freight...

Contact details for OASIS support

The Event Team

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