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The Oasis

Integration simplified...

What is The Oasis...?

The OASIS is the 3T process for integrating with Event.

Order and Packing data in, carrier allocation and labels out

What is Event..?

Event is the 3T Transport Management Platform.

Where you can control the transportation of your product to your customers.

So you are creating the ability to put your order data into a format that can be used for:

  1. Routing

  2. Carrier selection

  3. Label creation

  4. Costing

  5. Reporting

What does Event do with the order information?

Event has integrations with all the main parcel carriers.

Providing a direct link to your account information, services available and tariffs.

It will select the best carrier and service option, provide cost visibility, labels and tracking updates.

This integration is used for dedicated parcel requirements, where a customer is packing boxes of picked goods that are being delivered through the parcel network, rather than a few parcels in a predominantly bulk freight environment

It is different because it uses PACK messages aswell as order messages, as for optimal parcel deliveries we need actual packed weight and dimensions to get the correct service level and cost from your selected carrier 

How does parcel integration work?

You will need to be able to send Event accurate, live order information. In the below order...

  • A new order, when 1st received

    • Sent in advance​

  • A PACK message, when orders are packed

    • Send at the time the orders are packed into the packaging​

ORDER message

The order message is the order, date, addresses and products.

We require this as the order request. We hold it until it is PACKED

PACK message

A PACK message is a separate message file. 

It is the Handling Unit, the box, parcel, jiffy...

It includes the dimensions and weight so that the correct carrier, weight and service can be selected.

It is created when the user in the warehouse packs the customer order into the required packaging.

Once you have sent the PACK message, Event will automatically select the carrier, service level and provide a label to to printed and added to the package.

Transport Update (Return) message

This is a message we will send to you each time your user physically prints a label for a HU

Despatch message

This is a message that you will sent to us when you physically despatch a HU or shipment. 

This can be a combination of HU's.

Where do we start?

Where do i get the specification?

This is the specification for designing your integration

Order Message File (OMF)

Order Message file

The OASIS OMF schema


.daf file




Sheet 1 = The specification. The format

Sheet 2 = an example of a NEW xml creation from the schema

Do you have any examples of actual files?

Below are examples of NEW and PACK message files using the most popular data fields

These are the same with differemt prefixes

The OASIS schema


.daf file

PACK Message File (OMF)

Pack Message file

The OASIS PACK schema


.daf file



Sheet 1 = The specification. The format

Sheet 2 = an example of a PACK xml creation from the schema

A PACK is only ever for 1 handling unit and can contain 1 or multiple Orders for a customer.

Do you have any examples of actual files?

Below are examples of the PACK message files.



.daf file

The OASIS PACK - multi lines


.daf file

Despatch Message File 

Despatch Message file

The OASIS Despatch xsd.



Do you have any examples of actual files?

Below are examples of the Despatch message files.

The OASIS Despatch


.daf file

The Return message will be sent to us when the HU's are despatched

RETURN Message File (Transport Update)

The OASIS Return schema


.daf file

Transport Message file

The OASIS Return xsd.


Sheet 1 = The specification. The format

Sheet 2 = an example of a RETURN xml creation from the schema

Do you have any examples of actual files?

Below are examples of the Return message files.

The OASIS Return


.wmt file

The Return message will be sent back to you as each label is PRINTED.

What does NEW, UPDATE etc actually mean?

UPDATE prefix to an order file

This is a change made to an existing NEW.

For example, your customer service team update the required products on an order. You will generate and send the same format as the NEW file but with a PREFIX of UPDATE and the new products.

Not just the required products fields but the whole order message again.

Our process will check the order number, look for the prefix and then identify the update made. Then make this update in Event for the operations team.

Do you need to build an update process?

The majority of our parcel customers donot use the update process, adding NEW orders as required.

In most cases the orignal order is replaced by a new order.

CANCEL prefix to an order file

In this integration the Order Message file (OMF) is not actioned until the items are packed ready to be sent and the PACK message is received.

If we donot receive a PACK message for an Order we will simply not action it.

So no cancellation messages are required

What if the order message fails?

Event has an import error function that picks up on failed schema and bad data for correction 

What file name do I use?

The file name will be your agreed Account name and a date/time stamp.

The time to seconds.



What am I creating?

You will use the specification to design your own integration based on the data you want to send.

Making sure you have included all the required data fields.

You are creating a service to generate and send an xml file from a trigger in your business for:

  1. When a NEW order is created

  2. When a parcel is physically PACKED

How am I sending it?

It will be either ftp or sftp.

You can set this up or we can for you

It is triggered each time a new order is created, or PACK received

What do you do now?

Lets get started.

Define your operational process to create your integration

Use the spreadsheet to get the required data

Use the xml examples to help build your order message files.

When you are ready to test, we can provide an environment for you.

We can help check and validate your integration.

Send us your OASIS integration spreadsheet

Create the xml using the example and send to us for each prefix for an example order

Ask us any questions

What else do i need to know?

For system and PC requirements, label printing information you can visit the below...

Minimum System requirements...

Contact details for OASIS support

The Event Team

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