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What is Event...?

What is Event?

Event is the best way to organise all your logistics applications. It’s a fresh approach to the way you work, the jobs you do every day - yet it’s inherently familiar. And a completely new relationship between work tasks.


It's a platform...A cloud enabled ecosystem.

Designed for hyperscaling, hosted on multi regional cloud services, built on Azure Service fabric, running microservice-based applications.

It's modular, enabling you to add applications  as required from its own Event store.



                                                       It's an enabler...

Our applications are designed and built to provide a function, digitise a process. They must always increase efficiency and save money.

20 years of experience running operations, building software and designing solutions in multiple logistics industries has given us a wealth of knowledge and experience...

...and we have used that to build the future for you.


Everything in one place.

Did you arrive here as a Carrier?  You need to re-route to ...

Do you know what you need, just not sure which products?

You can use our Product selector to show you which products you need to build the requirement you have.

Ready to get started?


Getting started with Event.

Getting started with Event

How do you 'get' Event?

Event is a self serve, Transsport Management Ecosystem and it has been designed for you to implement.

Your starting point is to select a product from the Event Store - Product Line

If you have any questions or need any assistance you can contact the Event Customer Success Team


Approximately 20 min account creation

Testing in UAT or QA? This is your link...

Need order integration...?

This guide will show you how to get started...

Invite new users

How to invite new users

As the Account Owner you can now invite users to your Event environment

Think of a product as a department in your operation, so invite users as department...

Starting out with Event

Accepting an invitation

Invited as a new user...

This guide shows invited users how to access Event

What else do i need...?

The Event Learning center

The Event Learning Center provides all the information you need on how to use each product.

So as you invite each department, give them access to the learning center for their product.


For example, Despatch will need DOCK Learning, Planning teams ROUTE learning. 

If you need any help, don't hestiate to ask....

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