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VITALS carrier availability

Uploading availability for connect carriers

Orders allocated to Stops. Stops creating Routes. Routes allocated to carriers...

But how do you know how many of each carrier?


When automating a process, having accurate data to work with is really important for getting a good result

So when allocating routes to carriers its really useful to know things like the number of routes to allocate to them. There's no point letting Event get all smug allocating routes to the cheapest carrier if that carrier can only do 50% of them.

To this end, Event improves accuracy by allocating carriers based on quantity of trucks they have but also:

  • by day

       select a day of the week to allocate an available quantity of trucks​ to

       This can be a group selection of multiple days

  • by country from

       select a country for the availability allocation. This will default to your             address country

  • by region from

       select the specific region for the availability allocation.

       Region is only for UK.

       This can be a group selection of multiple days

  • by country to

       select a country for the availability allocation. This will default to your             address country

  • by region to

       select the specific region for the availability allocation.

       Region is only for UK.

       This can be a group selection of multiple days

  • by quantity

       the number of trucks available for the day, country, region selection​

  • by equipment type

       select the equipment available for the day, country, region combination​

       This is not a group selection and must be individual

  • by period of day

       select what part of the day the trucks are available. 

Connect and allocate

Carrier availability is allocated by carrier through Carrier Vitals.

Availability UI01.png

It has a user interface so that you can see whats added and how to add:

  • manually

       adding each item individually

       This function can also be used to edit or delete specific items.

       Please see the guide further down this page on how to add manually

Manually adding availability

How to manually add a carriers availability

Add, edit, delete...

This guide will step through how to adding availability

Notes for adding manual availability

  • by region

       select from the pre-defined Event regions. You can select multiple if               required. If you are adding for a country outside of Europe, we will                 default the region to the country as we currently only manage UK                   regions.

  • by equipment type

       This is taken from your Equipment store. If its in your store you can                 select it here. If its missing here you need to add it in your store.

Dynamic Carrier availability

Copy of LogisticsHaus (11).png
Dynamic Carrier Availability

Carrier availability can be set in advance from a tender and does not change throughout the course of the tender or you, as the Account owner can allow your connected carriers to update their allocation 

This is a carriers contracted availability.

connect availability.png

Dynamic carrier availability enables a carrier to increase their contracted availability for a specific date or to add new availability for a non contracted area or equipment type.

It is added per date, so only lasts for that specific day. All additional availability is as per agreed rate cards and not subject to any extra 'special' cost.

I'm not sure about giving carriers control...

  • A contacted carrier cannot reduce their contracted allocation, only increase it.

       This is to protect the Account ​

  • If a carrier wants to reduce their allocation they must contact you directly and only an admin can do this in Carrier Vitals

  • An adhoc carrier (one with no contracted allocation) can add their availability.

       Once the allocation is on a route it cannot be removed by the carrier. ​

As the account administrator you can activate Dynamic carrier availability from the Carrier Vitals page per carrier

Availability UI01.png
How to add CONNECT availability

How to add Dynamic Availability in CONNECT

As a carrier, you are able to set dynamic availability if the customer you work for allows it.

You will know this because the Dynamic Availability screen will be ACTIVE.


Dynamic availability can only be used to increase your current availability, it cannot be used to reduce it currently.

If you do need to reduce your availability for a day please speak directly to your main operational 3t contact.

Why would i want to use Dynamic Availability?

It gives you the opportunity to get extra work....

Event has an automatic work allocation function, so if you add in advance it will always do its best to use you as your Dynamic Availability instantly updates Event.


Please note: we cannot guarantee to use any additional availability.

How to add Dynamic availability

Add, edit, delete...

As a carrier, this guide will step through adding dynamic availability

The Event Team

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