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What is reCONNECT...?

reCONNECT is a platform for customers to manage POD's, cost addition requests and invoices. 

It is also a place to manage how your carriers use CONNECT

It's the twin of CONNECT.


reCONNECT has been designed around Events self service philosophy, updating you through notifications and your Dashboard when actions need to be taken. For example, a new invoice uploaded or requested POD returned. 

As the carrier affects CONNECT, events that need your attention are immediately updated on your Dashboard.


reCONNECT is also a multi account application, letting you manage different accounts without needing multiple login details.

Getting started with reCONNECT.

To access reCONNECT, ask your Line Manager for access and a SuperUser will invite you.


Follow the invite process and you will be given access to the Account inviting you.


How do i get the best out of reCONNECT...

A Tour of reCONNECT

What is it and why do i have to use it?

Your complete guide to reCONNECT

How to find a POD

At some point a customer will ask for a POD. This is how to...

...find it, view it, save it, send it.

Managing cost additions

How to control carrier costs...

This guide explains how to approve and reject carrier requested costs.

Configuration - Cost additions

Managing cost addition reason codes...

This guide explains how to approve and reject carrier requested costs.

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