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Carrier onboarding...

Invite, Connect, Rate, Route and Offer. 

What is Carrier Onboarding...

Quiet simply its the ability to connect carriers with customers.

Taking that a step further, the right carriers with the right customers.

Carriers are at the heart of a Transport Management System. You can't move freight without them.


But its also about knowing whats needed to get that freight moving through Event and being able to get whats needed completed quickly.

Its a CONNECTed Freight ecosystem...

Everything in one place.

Intelligent load offer service based on your past Event history, profile and current requirements. Haggle free rates, instant POD and guaranteed payment.

Get Connected to more work that works for you...

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Carrier onboarding affects 2 areas:

  • Event carrier processes to make the carrier available to use in Event. Invite them, setup rates etc

  • The carrier knowing whats expected of them including using CONECT. Training etc

Lets start with the Event onboarding process...

Is the carrier already subscribed to Event?

So first question is 'are they already in Event or do we need to add them?'

You can check this in Events My Carriers Store to see if they are already connected.

My Carriers Store is a central store for all Accounts. Any new carrier integrated into Event by any Account will be available to all Event Accounts.


Invite a new carrier

If you cannot find the carrier in the store, then you can invite them to Event. The Invite process will add the carrier to your account but also add them to Event's My Carriers store for other customers.

IMPORTANT: When inviting, make sure you are using the email address they want to receive updates to. They must sign up using the email address you send to them.

Connect to an existing carrier

If you can find them in the store then you can check out their bio and CONNECT. This will send them a connection and update you when they have accepted.

But i want to add a PARCEL carrier. Do you have these?

All main parcel carriers are already integrated fully into EVENT and are automatically connected to every new account.

See more on adding a parcel carrier to your account

What does a carrier see?

It helps to see what the other side sre seeing sometimes....How an invite or connection work

See more on My Carriers Store...

Rapid Global

Rapid Global is a product we use to manage carrier documentation and to make sure we have all the correct documents and to manage carrier induction for sites.

This will need to be actioned by your Contract Manager.

So what's next?

Rate card or not?

The carrier has accepted. It will now show by default as a SPOT RATE carrier in Event for users to select

A SPOT rate carrier has no rates for the lane and can be added to any lane.


But i need to add rates!

So this carrier needs a set of rates. Event has rate templates for PLT, WEIGHT and DISTANCE tariffs for Groupage and FTL. It also has a self serve, import function to just drag and drop your rate card into.

Carrier rate cards


Do you need to add specialist equipment 1st?

Event has a defualt set of equipment types included with each new account. But as we all know, we are not all the same. So make sure your equipment types are correct before you upload your rate cards.

Any new equipment added is Account specific.

IMPORTANT: Get equipment right. If you upload ratecards then change equipment in anyway, you will need to reupload all rate cards.

See more about equipment

Anything else...?

What about fuel?

Does the carrier have a fuel requirement? Again using Events self serve fuel service, you can add fuel at any time. It is calculated and broken down in CONNECT for the carrier to check.

How to add fuel for a carrier

...chargeble weight?

Some carriers use this, so we added it...

Show me chargeable weight...

That has to be it...?

...and finally AVAILABILITY!

Availability can be set in VITALS for a carrier fixed from the tender agreement but it can also be set for a carrier to add adhoc availability if they have it to either top it up or rather than adding a fixed availability

Add the availability of your carrier

Now lets deal with the Carriers onboarding process...

Is the carrier already connected to Event?

Yes, the carrier is already Connected

The Connection process  means the carrier has already been through training.

No, the carrier has been Invited.

The carrier will need training. They are provided with the CONNECT Learning Center for the expectation and 'how to' guides


CONNECT is the carrier environment in Event

Train me in CONNECT so i can teach my carriers

and thats all you need to get a carrier onboarded and ready to use in Event....

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